Licensing System For Ebooks, Software, Video, Audio etc.

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    Hey Blackhatters!
    I am very close to finishing my Licensing system for ebooks, software, video and audio which I spoke about months ago on here. Basically I create a secure (and I mean SECURE) installer for your files and is controlled online by a rather nifty admin system (hosted by me) where you can disable/delete licenses, add products, create different license types etc.
    You allocate Licenses to customers, who then log in, download the product, install and use the license details to activate the product. If you suspend or disable the license, the product will no longer function. It also stops sharing of PDF's and other files as the customer has no access to the raw PDF as it is in a secure .exe file, which can only be used on one PC. Sharing the file with their chums would be pointless as it wouldn't work. :DGood eh?
    Now, for the admins here, I am not selling it on here, I just wanted to gauge the interest, so if anyone is interested PM me!:)