Leveraging other peoples popularity to make money

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by JuggernautJukey, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    Has anyone done this before?

    I follow a guy on Youtube in the fitness niche, and his channel has exploded! He went from about 5000 subscribers, to over 30,000 in less than a month. People love his videos.

    Anway, I heard him say he wants to set up a website in the future, and I could tell with his wording that he doesn't know much about online marketing.

    I have a few big ideas .. Firstly, t-shirts will sell like hot cakes. Then I was thinking of setting up an info product and video series, with the upsell being private diet plans and training regimes for $197 or whatever .. I would pitch this to him, and see what he thinks.

    My question is. Has anyone ever done something like this before? By this, I mean using someone elses fame to earn residual income. I would ask him for a 30% cut, and I would take care of everything.

    If you could get a few people under your belt, be it fitness, gaming, beauty or anything else, surely that's a nice way to make some residual $$$

    What dya think?
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    It's a good idea. If it was me I'd make a T-spring campaign selling T-shirts first.

    Then start by having a membership site with diet & fitness advice.
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    I've done it with some success when EMDs would rank easier.
    Say for example I had a site on wrestling that sold videos, equipment, etc. I had a few wrestler name EMDs that I used as a part of a small PBN and were pretty much a funnel to my main site. So they were double dippers. Sent targeted traffic to my site, and also sent link juice to my site. Gotta be careful with that though as Google may not like it too much, but if you don't abuse it and make excellent sites, they won't mind.