leveraging hosting, or maybe even CPA....hear me out

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    You all have probably heard of GDI....I used to be in it, I did horrible, nothing like the member here Brian Bear. I got like 1 sign up.....their payout is frankly Sh*t.
    You can get people to join hostgator then you can make 50-125 a sale depending on how many sign-ups you can grab in a month.

    Here's my idea, and it's along the same lines of GDI, but just paying people more, pyramid type dealio.....if someone wants to make money, they gotta get hosting under my aff link, then I'd build them a website, which would essentially be sorta similiar to mine, but when they sign someone up, the sign-up goes under my affiliate link again so I get the monies, then from that I'd pay my affiliate(s) ....This would be a great way to have people doing work for you, and in essence get some leverage. I'd of course be teaching people how to get the word out.......I don't quite know how to go about knowing whether or not someone has sent me a sale for say hostgator, does anyone know how to go about this?

    I've also thought, if there is no way to track who sent me a hosting sale, that I could build someone a money making site, still take in the comission from them buying hosting under my AFF, and I'd throw a cpa offer on their website that's referrer faked properly and all the jazz, and give them the know how to go out and promote a CPA offer. This way you could still get some kinda leverage, maybe not so much recurring, but ppl would be doing the work for you, and you'd be getting traffic to your offers...the main money would be made from ppl taking up hosting, then maybe shave a cpl here and there off of your affiliates so that you can still make a little money, or just take like 10% off each offer lead they send ur way.....proper sub=id's would be a must on this obviously.......

    What are your thoughts here fine people of BHW...I think there's got to be some kinda way to leverage people either in Hosting, or in CPA...or both.