Let's Start My Dropshipping Diary

What to use?

  • Shopify

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  • Self Hosted WooCommerce

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Sep 15, 2017
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Hey Everyone,

currently, I run a Social Network with about 1000 Members and 600 Visitors Daily. It's niche Adult Network which is now about 6 Months old. So it has already some authority from Search engines and the site is loved my users too.

Due I did some research about members, I decided to start a drop-shipping store. I also want to use this thread as a diary of my journey.

I already did some affiliate marketing with Amazon, earning about 100 USD a month in peak times, but I stopped with it due to hosting costs, work and SEO costs I made roughly 100 USD profit in 1 Year.

This time I want to try drop-shipping using Aliexpress.

I am unsure if I should use Shopify with Overlo. (29 USD Monthly)
Or a Woocommerce Plugin (90 USD One-Time, Hosting about 5 USD Monthly)

Additionally, I want to use:
- Twitter (5%, Not sure if Twitter brings many paying clients)
- Instagram (50%)
- Facebook (45%)
- Adwords
- My Social Network

I am also not sure about the budget yet. I don't want to spend more than 60 USD for them.

Today I will do some niche research and think about a story that I want to tell.

Hope this thread does not get deleted =) And I hope I can get some useful tips&tricks from you =)


1 Nieche Research
2 Think About Story
3 Develop Marketing Ressources (Ads, Logos, ...)
4 Check if Shopify is right
5 Find influencers
6 Find Products
7 SEO (Will do it on my own)
8 Start SMM Campaigns
9 Earn Money
10 repeat & Optimize

Dont Want to spend too much time on it!
In regards to:

I am unsure if I should use Shopify with Overlo. (29 USD Monthly)
Or a Woocommerce Plugin (90 USD One-Time, Hosting about 5 USD Monthly)

This really depends on how knowledgable you are with WordPress/WooCommerce and how much effort you want to put into setting up your cart/theme. Shopify makes things _very_ easy to do, however you will save a good bit of money by using WordPress/WooCommerce.

So to sum it up, no pun, Shopify if you have extra $ to spend and not a lot of time/knowledge and WordPress if you do not have a lot of $ to get started with and a good bit of WordPress skills.

Hope that helps!
Good luck buddy. I use twitter before 3 years and made many goods results and clicks from them ;)
If you don't want to spend to much time and money on it you have to be one killer of a dropshipper.
Best of luck
Can someone recommend a good woocommercedropshipping plugin?
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