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    First of all, I want to start out by saying that BHW is a wonderful forum compared to a lot of the other forums, but we still experience one problem; a lack of respect in the posts.

    Yes, the flaming and arrogant people are everywhere, but it is a lot better here compared to places such as YouTube; however, I still find in every single post a handful of disrespectful comments that have no purpose.

    Before examples and why people post this way, I want to talk about the important part of HOW you can avoid posting these disrespectful comments.

    1. STOP and think. Do NOT let your initially emotional response towards a post take over and write a hateful or rage filled comment. USE LOGIC and here it goes...YOUR BRAIN!

    2. If you decide to type it out, DO NOT post. Ask yourself this; what is the motivation behind me posting this comment?

    if the answer is anything except :

    1. to answer a question in a positive manner
    2. to support a fact and create more credibility
    3. give constructive criticism
    4. or anything that has a BENEFICIAL and positive result and intention

    DO NOT POST. Be mature, and think with your brain, not your emotions!

    So, how do you respond to these disrespectful comments?

    1. DO NOT flame back or argue with people like them. Their motivation is most likely to create a negative emotional response from you, and you are fulfilling their objective by doing so!

    2. Don't response at all! People like them are not worth dealing with.

    3. If you REALLY want to respond, do it in a way where you point out his disrespectful flaws, his negative intentions, and make him look like the bad guy; however, I would not recommend replying at all. Look at previous number 2.

    I was going to make this post originally a lot longer, but I don't see a need to post examples or anything. You all are smart enough.

    I just want everyone to take a moment and THINK before posting their comment. Just by practicing some self control and thinking, this forum could be a lot better.

    I may not be able to influence the entire community, but if you read this, you can help this forum become a lot better by either linking one to this post or telling them to please be more respectful.

    Remember, hate only derives more hate, and there is no purpose in flaming or writing a negative disrespectful comment. Again, think your brain, not with your emotions!

    If you have any situations or responses you would like me to look at, feel free to post them, and I will tell you how you can deal with it.

    PS. Also, I am no means saying that some people don't deserve hate. If the intentions of the original post is HORRIBLE : e.g. 1st post, check out this new product "affiliate link here". Feel free to point out and warn the community that this is a problematic post!

    Let's make our favorite forum an even better place!

    I may have missed a few important things here and there, but I think I got the main chunk of what I wanted to say in here.
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