Let's make some money together - where there are many, power grows.

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Interested in this group buy concept, but not with the current course. Will join in any future course if I like.
24 h is too short, some ppl are on different timezones, give more time. Also tag everybody who voted, so they can see your message.
We will try with 48 hours than
There wasn’t an option for your donation fee. Just monthly recurring
I know, It is now.
do i need to donate again with fee? i already donated $1 before
No. I's okey, I will cover those fees

Quick update:
we now have 5 participants, and donations have totaled $3.63 (I'll cover the fees for the first 3 since I forgot to activate the button), so we have $5 in total. We still need 15 more participants to reach our goal. Considering it's the weekend and not everyone may access their laptops during this time, we'll extend the deadline by another 24 hours.

the method: https://socialtraffic.tentary.com/p/kGzk0v

And the $1 donation can be made here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=FEGFM5F8Q8BPL
I've been thinking of gathering a group of people to pool our money together to buy expensive CPA marketing methods at a reasonable price.

Here's how I've thought of doing it: First, we need enough people who are willing to contribute money towards a method so that it doesn't cost more than $1 each. What does this mean? For instance, if we find a method worth $70, we'll need a minimum of 70 people who are interested in buying it.

Thus, we'll conduct a poll once we find a method. In case we receive enough affirmative votes and we have enough people interested in buying it so that it doesn't cost more than $1 each, we'll purchase it.
How will we choose the methods? You can send me DMs with the methods you find, and I'll post them all in this topic at once. The one with the most votes will be purchased.

How will we buy the method? Of course, if the admins allow it (everything is transparent and visible without any manipulation, and if any member claims to have donated $1 and hasn't received the method, I'm prepared to provide any evidence and verification), we'll put the money in a donation account - as mentioned, I won't have any additional gain or income from this - and once we've collected enough to purchase it, I'll buy it and send it to the email address used for donation to each member.
If more money is collected than the cost of the method, I will divide it among the number of people and automatically send it back, even if it's just a few cents with all the evidence regarding the amount collected up to the moment of purchase.

This topic aims to purchase expensive methods, and in case they don't work, at least we haven't paid more than $1 for something that doesn't work. I'm looking forward to your opinions (I'll also conduct the first poll and I expect your responses if you want to participate) and I'm waiting for messages regarding methods you've found on the internet and want to buy but can't afford.

Attention! We will not buy methods from this forum! The earnings of the members of this forum will not suffer because of us! We will buy methods found in online stores.
Sounds good
DM me cuz I don't want to post my personal email in here...

Trough PayPal..
Hey check your dm I want to donate to buy the method but the donation link is not working in my country and would also like to know how many dollars are collected as of now
Hello people, we have $6 so far, should we continue to wait or should we proceed with a refund?
We would need 14 more.
Factoring in the fact that Paypal does not work in some countries, wouldn't CC have been the better pick?
Factoring in the fact that Paypal does not work in some countries, wouldn't CC have been the better pick?
Unfortunately, most methods are sold through PayPal, and it would be too much hassle to transfer the money from multiple payment methods into my PayPal account.
Hello people, we have $6 so far...
How about if the six of us interested pay the total up to $20? That's about $3.50 each.

I'd like to wrap up this episode and get down to business.

I strongly support this idea further to team up to buy ebooks together.

Do you think that the people who bought the ebook should then have a chat and continue working as a team?

If those who will buy in the future are about the same people, could they become partners?

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