Lets Make Money Off My Idea ..And Your Ability To Build A Simple Website and Scrape Emails

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    Hey there,

    I am a licensed massage therapist, and here is my idea for how we can make a lot of money together: Ilive in Los Angeles and I do massage. You do two things....and I take care of the rest:

    1.) You build a super SIMPLE website with the design similar to one of the links below (modern, clean, up to date...ideally w/o the Wix logo lol). An information only website for a massage company that does outcall massages to companies.....This website could be at most 3-4 pages (we can discuss this). Or just one page ....with infinite scrolling. Basically just telling them about the massage company, our rates, and little bit about us. We can have a fake client log in (to make it seem like our website is more extensive than it actually is to prospecting clients).

    2.) You scrape together a bunch of emails and phone numbers of different businesses around Los Angeles....Then we blast out a semi-specific email (I'll write an amazing email, with our new website address in the email) to all the different companies that are based in the greater Los Angeles area. I can call different companies as well to seal deals. There are thousands and thousands of large companies that need massage therapists to come and do a massage for the company for 2-3 hours...once a month or even per week. We can target production companies, agencies, advertising agencies, law offices, editing companies, and a thousand others.

    I charge a certain amount for the massage... and you make a percent off what we gross. You are tagged in the emails so that you know how many clients were getting, you could also set up a payment through our site so that you can track how much were making. You could EASILY make thousands of dollars per month...for simply: 1.) setting up a simple information only website and 2.) scraping emails. You do this once.... and you will get paid... recurring monthly for each account. Once we have the account we will have them forever..so you will be making revenue each time I go to do the massage.

    THIS WILL WORK.....massage is not a heavily hit industry yet but it will be.

    In time... we can also get a lot of traffic through keywords, seo and getting internet traffic. But for now... we will target the businesses and reach out to them. You can easily be making 2-4k extra a month...for setting up this site and scraping a few emails. I'll be doing the rest :) ....lets start a company and make some money together...just do an open response or pm to take the next step with with me...thanks!

    Sample Websites.. that I think look clean and modern...and would look good for our business...remember there doesn't need to be ANY functionality...just information only with potential to have SEO in it ideally to help get us boosted higher in the ranks overtime (can't hurt right)


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    Great sharing thanks you op that's also working on scrape box?
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    Do you have a sample massage site or sample massage email? What are some of the methods you know of to scrape emails?
    How would I know what deals you closed, or when you are actually performing the massages, and at what price?
    What are the average billing rates for this type of corporate service?
    How would you scale this business, in case you get plenty of clients?

    This sounds pretty interesting, and I have built out a lot of sites over the years.
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    So I am basically doing the grunt work!

    What are you doing?