Lets go BH with a Facebook App (10k UV traffic to best the advice)

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    Here we are, got my app all set up but not submitted to the directory yet (need a couple of users).

    (Yes, I will get you 10k UV's. I own a reseller business.)

    First some simple Q's:
    How do I get traffic to the app? (No, my own traffic won't work)
    Where do I advertise a facebook app?

    And let's go REAL BH..

    I own Scrapebox can I use that?

    What is the first step?
    How do I get 10000's of trafic to the app?

    And.. When I finally get the traffic, how do I convert them?

    PM me in order to know app and url.
    I can't PM since my posts ain't enough yet. (but I can answer)

    Hit me up with all you ideas and I will reward the best tips with 10k unique traffic from our ad network. (I own a Traffic reseller business but it don't allow fb traffic)

    So, if you want traffic.. Give me the best advices..
    Not alll will get the traffic.. But the one that makes me $30 will get 10k UV.

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