Let's Discuss Adult Marketing Methods

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by coreygeer, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Well, i'm currently doing business with torrents with 5 days now I'm at average $52.54/daily but I'm working on this.. this could be A LOT better..

    Anyway, on to topic: Let's discuss adult affiliating methods.
    Got an idea or a method? Post it in this thread. I'm trying to create a new method which doesn't require much effort and isn't very time consuming.

    One Idea:
    adultspace.com - It's like myspace but it's for perverts.
    The profiles are alot easier to set up there but I found recently my profiles get banned rather quickly, and I can not find a bot for this thing.

    myyearbook.com - Another facebook, myspace, tagged copy.
    This is just an idea but what if..
    Step #1: You make a chicks profile.. (there are tons of slutty looking girls on there, so you can use swimsuit/underwear pic)
    Step #2: Edit the image and put a link on the bottom
    Step #3: Go to the "Match" link and just keep clicking "Yes" on all the males and they'll all come pouring in like hungry dogs to view your profile, and the first thing they'll probably look for is more pictures. So they see your picture and the link.

    I've never seen myyearbook.com utilized. Maybe it's been covered somewhere, no clue.

    What are some of your ideas? Let's get some ideas put together and see what we can come up with!
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    Good advice, may I ask what you're doing with the torrents to produce the $50 daily?