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Feb 7, 2007
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Been at this IM thing for quite awhile now and have made some money on and off over the last year or so. I have no doubt I can become much more profitable with the right partner. I seem to let real life and outside work interfere too much with my web aspirations. I would like to be 'accountable' to someone so I can stay focused and bounce ideas and workload around.

Basically I'm looking to JV with someone with at least some experience who shares a passion for IM, with some ideas and skills so we can make some serious money.

PM me and we'll talk:D
come on people, is everyone making so much cash at what they're currently doing they don't want to explore new business opportunities?
If you have an incentivized script, we could talk about JV.

What kinds of JV projects did you want to work with, would you mind sharing or indicating? :)

For example, did you have some market niches that you're interested in?
Or did you want to set up some campaigns that generate revenue with
adse nse, or zip / email submits??
Or did you want to set up a forum or membership site?

etc.... :D

I'm not overly concerned about the niche or method. At the moment I'm doing a few affil niches and some adsense stuff. Also starting a decent sized PPI campaign. Just wanted to collaborate with some people on a project. Its not so much the method or the niche its more about motivating each other, keeping focused and bouncing ideas around.

I want to get a few more income streams happening just looking for someone like minded to team up with.
'...Really sorry ph4dge. I am too domineering, stubborn and selfish to work with a partner.

They are personality flaws now too late to work on.

If you want someone to administer discipline, however, maybe I can help. I do NOT suffer fools!

Good luck on your quest.

Thanks themagician and everyone who posted and PM'd me. Have a great partner for a current JV project we are working on. Thanks again all
first off...

-what's the website in question?

-how much are the commissions as a JV?

-can I get a review copy?

-do you have any test sales/conversion data?

-what's the visitor value for your website?

-how many partners do you have already?

PM me, and let's talk, buddy.
i may be interested depending on what you have to offer. pm me...
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