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Discussion in 'Instagram' started by txholdem, Jan 28, 2016.

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    just tried my 1st mention buy with ogads fifa. i lost my 'investment' and some.
    aftermath: $5 (2k) mentions, loss of 1 post, phone verification; gain: 25 followers, 1 conversion for $0.25.

    what i did:
    scraped user using FL from someones followers,
    remove usernames containing 'follower', 'fifa','fut','coin'
    remove username length longer than 13 and shorter than 8
    using justchillings tool to remove last active before 1/15/2016 (14 days ago). since the tool is not functioning well, i cannot really sort the dates. i was not sure about the blank date, so i kept them. (anybody knows what the blank dates mean?)

    a big problem i think is the activity of the user itself. even if the user is online when i was scraping, he/she prolly has left by the time the mention comes, and who know if he/she would ever come back. i should have though, made last active perhaps 2 days or even shorter..

    i think scraping likers might be a better bet? (i will need to scape at least 25 photos though)
    should i scrape those who commented? (since they are so enthusiastic, they might report lol)
    should i scape by tags instead?

    what do you think?
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    Obviously the method and hence the mention provider you have chosen is lame.

    I've written you yesterday. Everything begins when users are online.
    The fact that you scraped WTF number of accounts means nothing in the next minute. Which ones are online now? Try to guess!

    Correct way is to run mentions over a period of time and deliver mentions only to those users who are active. And at the end you'll say that I've delivered 2K mentions to active users.
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    ^ this ... I'm starting a case study about mentions soon here to clear some doubts
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    Dec 13, 2014
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    Can someone link me the thread for justchillin's tool that you mentioned?