Lenient PayPal country?

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    Jan 20, 2013
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    6 months ago PayPal banned me for trading fiehost accounts and today after 6 months they let me withdraw money which was in my account, but I still can't use it, whether to buy or sell.

    Now I am into more serious business like web hosting but still can't use PayPal, I am from India and here we need to provide Tax ID(PAN Card no.), which obviously is unique. So I can't even make another account in another country where laws are lenient and Paypal is not so strict and I can use VCC to verify. I need to make a new account wherein I should have following feaures:

    -verification only by VCC, no bank accounts, if possible VCC issued from Indian bank account(Axis bank)
    -Ability to fake phone number, i.e. they shoudn't call me
    -Ability to fake address, i.e. they shouldn't demand address verification later on. I generally select a random address and phone number from Google maps
    -Ability to maintain account balance, earlier for my Indian account, I HAD to withdraw money to bank account as soon as received.

    Does the IP address through which it is accessed also matters? I made a fake one for Singapore but then account was limited, they asked for address proof and photoshopped a utility bill but still didn't help out. Was that perhaps because I always accessed using my Indian IP address?

    Also can anyone suggest a reliabel VCC provider?
    Not sure if they screwed up or what, so please suggest.

    Thank you