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    I've got a lot out of this site related to blackhat SEO, etc. My background is in programming and I used to work at Microsoft, so as a contribution to the community, I can let you guys in a a great technique to get free or heavily discounted Microsoft software. This especially relates to Visual Studio, etc., but there is more included as well.

    Also, I know there are people on here who aren't making money yet, but are motivated and passionate about coding--you should have access to the tools you need! Hope this helps:

    There are two techniques, one is for free s/w, one is for heavily discounted s/w.

    1. Sign-up for Microsoft Action Pack Subscription - get $1200 of s/w for $129

    • You will need a Windows Live ID (easy)

    • They may make you take an assessment test--don't worry, it should be very basic and easy to pass (70% or better required).

    • You may need to get a domain to show you have a software development company, give yourself a name and address, and write somewhere that you use Microsoft products to create software (give a few simple examples and specifically say which Microsoft software you use to develop them).
    Once approved for the program, you will get 3 MSDN subscriptions for a total of $129 (normally would cost $1200 each)! It is pretty straight forward to qualify for this program, just show Microsoft you are a small software company using their products.

    2. BizSpark and WebSiteSpark

    • You can get all of the software above for free with this program, designed for small software start-up companies. Lasts for 3 years, no cost up-front, $100 fee at the end of 3 years.

    • During the application process you may be asked for a reference, they just told me this was not required on the phone, but I thought I saw that requirement listed somewhere before.

    • Access to MSDN software including Visual Studio Ultimate.

    Best of luck, and let me know how it goes for you!
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