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May 14, 2015
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Client Reviews :)
seobey said:
I always buy links from this guy, and every month my ranking always improve (CASINO NICHE)
TheVigilante said:
My Review:
Received a relevant link with a DA 29 and PA 24 and the link was inserted naturally and the best part it's do follow link and I could not be any happier. It comes with an article close to 500 words with an image just what one would expect with such blogs.

Busan said:
I received a free link to review.

The site looked really good and better than a lot of real blogs. It was also related to my niche and the article was readable. Metrics were DA28 PA16.
Doctor Sleep said:
I got a review copy

Website is good, article was awesome.. Anchor text excellent.

It was niche related.

All in all, ver good job.

Thank you
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PremiumNetwork said:
Another order placed!
I've been working with Rankster for a while now, the websites and article provided are great! I'm truly satisfied with the result.
This service is a great way to expand your backlink profile, highly recommended!
Jiwtoo3403 said:
I placed an order again. I am so happy to work with them. Thanks for your good work.
legion2k said:
Disclaimer: I was lucky to test this service for a review, so here's my unbiased review (as always).

The turnaround was fast. After I've supplied my link and keyword (Casino & Gambling niche) - in a couple of days, I got my keyword with a context link, nicely put in an article on one of the OP's sites. The site looks nice and clean, has a DR 31 according to Ahrefs.

I think It's worth mentioning that I already see this link in Ahrefs.

The article is almost 500 words / approx. 3000 chars - content is very readable, passes Copyscape verification.

In conclusion: I see that @Rankster knows his stuff and provides exactly what's advertised here - a great service for those that are looking for good niche links.

Thank you and good luck with sales!
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Ocke86 said:
Another order placed,this is one of the best services more orders coming
swishaw said:
I was lucky enough to receive a free review copy of these niche relevant PBN links, and am overall very impressed with the link.

It is in the food and drink niche and the site looks good, the content is also of a good quality.

The site has a DR of 27 and is ranking for 16 keywords which is a good sign as it shows Google see it as a real web site.

I doubt one link will have much of an impact but I'm sure that a good amount of these (spread out nicely) would work very well.
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I have placed an order DA50 to DA70 for 100 links . It's great. I use his services regularly. :)
I ordered new PBN for my sites. We continue work more than 1 year. Thanks for support .


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Jan 14, 2019
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Placed order with this bro , hope to see good result