Leaving the Internet - Suggestions for Offline IT Company?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Supernoob, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    I think its time for me to pack in trying to make money online, I've been at it for about three years now - I did make some good money but its too competitive and short lasting.

    I want to start an IT company but the problem is the market is very saturated there are about 50 IT company within the small town I live in, I was thinking about providing service contracts to small to medium sized companies,

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get small to medium sized businesses on contracts with me, or any suggestions of services I could provide in the local area?
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    good luck... once you go black.. you never go back...

    What do you mean by "too competitive"? There are millions of niches. You can setup a site in some markets and be making money in a few days.

    The fast money is about finding low competition and converting that traffic with some type of offer. The long-term money is about finding (a) a reliable offer/product and (b) a way of getting traffic to it.

    If you're looking for long-term, then I would recommend going to cj, linkshare, or any of the other networks that have actual businesses working with them. Look through those and find a few businesses. Apply for them. Then go to google keyword tool and gather up some keywords. Adjust your settings to exact match. Grab out some nice keywords with commercial intent. Do this for each of the affiliate offers you just signed up for.

    Use keyword anchor to figure out where the really easy keywords are. Also, go to market samurai and use the seo comp keywords to get a closer look at the sites that are ranking for these keywords.

    Get a website. I don't really care about EMDs anymore. Feels like I'm painting an EMD target on my back for Google to slap later on. So if I were you, I would pick a brandable name (make it up) and try to put a niche keyword in there if you can.

    Go get some content made. 10-12 articles at $3-4 a piece. While you're waiting for that, go setup your wordpress installation, plugins, and theme. Add your content when it's done. Save all the urls from your inner pages and your root. Create a spun version of your anchor texts and save that right next to your site's urls (spreadsheet).

    Backlink continually. Have patience. And now brainstorm... how can I get as much targeted traffic to this site as possible?

    Repeat the above process as many times as your budget allows. 6 months from now, you can either sell or just keep making money.
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    Well you have been doing this for a bit so I would incorporate what you have learned here and in IM to do your business. You could offer selling websites or SEO to these companies, give them backlinks, offer them stuff so they can get more customers. You could provide tech support at a cheaper rate for some of them.