Learning To Make Money Online Can Be As Easy As Fishing!

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    For many of individuals reading this article, you have tried your hand at marketing on the internet through blogging and failed. So, what factors have limited the capability of driving the kind of traffic to your affiliate offer, or primary income opportunity that has hindered your results? In this article, Learning To Make Money Online Can Be As Easy As Fishing, I will inspect many of the traditional approaches that most bloggers employ, and offer some options that will help you establish a ton of free traffic, and help you automate this technique.

    When I first started out blogging there was an supposition I made about the correct method to make money online that in fact blocked me from realizing that goal. I thought all I had to do was author my own distinctive content, and I would be rewarded by driving swarms of traffic to my affiliate offers; was I in for a rude awakening! Not only did that gimmick not work, it did not promote any significant results at all, which left me discouraged and aggravated.

    There are times in life that being stubborn can be your ally as opposed to causing the destructive social effects under other more visible occurrences. In this case, it would prove to be my most valuable resource in restructuring my thought process, and guide me to make the kind of money online that I believed I so richly deserved.

    After a number of months of what I viewed as a great blogging run only, it was time to go back to the drafting board and devise a new plan of action. For days I poured over a great deal more how to articles on search engine optimization, back linking, article marketing, copy writing, e-zine strategies, and social media marketing to name a few, that, by week?s end, I had only managed to accomplish overloading my mind with more make money online strategies than my brain could understand. I was more confused than ever. ?Great now what?, I worried aloud as I tried to wrap my mind around this impregnable mountain of information that I had just acquired, when I decided to take a break and go fishing. On a beautiful spring afternoon during opening week of trout fishing season in Up-State New York; I set out to cast away my troubles down one of my favorite wilderness streams.

    The experience of fishing never ceases to amaze me. No matter what is happening in my life, all my worries seem to coast away from me like the gentle waters of the stream I happen to be visiting at that moment. True to form, it was only a matter of a couple of hours before I wasn?t thinking of anything at all, and was truly loving the moment without a trouble in the world. That?s when it impacted me like a bolt of lightning; the answer I was searching for was just in front of my face; Fishing! In a nut shell, discovering to make money online is the same technique that any individual must practice if they want to catch a exact type of fish.

    Are you hoping to go fly fishing in a clear mountain stream for a native rainbow trout? Or, are you longing for the enjoyment of deep-sea trolling to hook a trophy sword fish? Now, you would not employ the same method for trout as you would for swordfish would you? Definitely not! The same holds true for defining your niche. Before you can make any genuine money online, you must know the potential customers you are trying to deliver your product to, and the best possible method that will hook their attention. So, define your target market1st, and then find the vehicle to accomplish that goal. There is a very simple technique that you can use to deliver schools of fish to your online marketing offer.

    It?s a great idea to develop a main blog site that defines your niche market, and is keyword rich in title for the domain you?ve registered for your blog. In this posting for example, my keyword phrase is make money online, which are deep linked only twice within this article, or any other that I have generated pointing in a targeted direction. Register for 10 other free word-press blogs-sites using Blogger as the primary connection between your website, and the others you?ve registered with. Then write a authentic piece of content that is relevant to your niche, and spin the postgenerating10-12 variations of the original post. On the remaining sites, you will link them back to Blogger with two deep links in your unique keyword in each posting, which in turn Blogger will include two links as well both pointing to a specific page on your site that is precisely linked to an affiliate offer, or a primary business opportunity.

    Blogger is one of the most popular blogging websites and now it is owned by Google. Blogger will be a great link between your registered website, and the free blogging platforms that help you drive a ton of interested visitors. Learning To Make Money Online Can Be As Easy As Fishingwhen you put in place this simple, yet powerful approach. An old Chinese proverb states: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. " There are a number of other valuable tips and tools I will be advocating on a regular basis, so until we meet again my friend, good luck and Happy Fishing!

    Thank you for reading my article,

    Douglas Guy/~Empire Wealth Builders~

    Online Business Marketing and Success Coach