Learning To Generate Income (DIM et al.)

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    Before anyone jumps down my throat, I did do a search, and spent a few hours reading all that I could find on the topic.

    From what I understand, sites like ***********, BHU, etc, do work. I have yet to speak face to face to anyone who has directly profited from them, but from all the feedback I read, they do contain methods which can effectively produce income. What I'm concerned about isn't IF they teach you what to do (which for $100/month, they better) but rather WHAT they teach you to do.

    I can think of at least 20 ways that I can make a good $5000 a day unrelated to the internet, unfortunately, most of these ways involve countless hours and less then ideal tasks (drug trafficking / production, prostitution, loan shark, etc). How much time is required on a day to day basis to implement the methods found on sites like DIM? Is anything else beyond the basics of a computer, internet connection, and spare time required to earn profit (aka do I need to buy even more on top of the site subscription)? I understand that largely, the amount of time and effort you put into a project like this will directly determine the amount you get back, but if 1 hour means $1, my time would obviously be better spent elsewhere.

    I'm just looking for general feedback and opinions on if this is a good route to go or not. For those of you who have gone the route, would you do it again? For those of you that haven't, why didn't you and what else did you do? Thanks.