Learning from the mistakes of others

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    Banned from Adsense: Learn from the mistakes of others

    A few weeks ago, I experimented with the elite proxies method presented in the forum. It worked and my browser (FF) showed that I was in another country. For 2 weeks I tried 2-3 proxies every day and clicked on some of the ads on my site. I was intrigued by the content and quality of the ads that showed up each time I visited a different country. I searched for those famous keywords like "real estate, laser hair removal, mesothelioma...etc" and clicked on there respective ads. I learned that: ads are not only keywords context sensitive, buy country and region sensitive. The update on the Adsense dashboard is not real time, it takes a few minutes to see the results if you are surfing in the U.S. to 20-30 minutes like countries in India or China. The CPC is not what those keywords tools show, it is much less. (I kept the daily earnings at $ 4-7). Then 2 weeks ago I received an email from Google that my Adsense account was disabled (and still is) , I sent 3 appeals to no avail .
    Lessons learned:
    . If you want to use the elite proxies method and see those very appealing ads that you do not see from your own country and would like to check them out , just right click on the ad , copy the link location , clean it up in notepad and paste the new link in your browser without all the extra code.
    . Do not click on your own ads.
    . I guess Google caught me not because of the proxies but because of a high CTR (I have a low traffic site and during the experimentation the CTR was 20-25 %).
    .Learn from BHW forum , it is a very dynamic place , full with tools ,tips, advice...etc but have the insight to look ahead and visualize where your actions will take you .
    .There is no white or black knowledge; there is only knowledge and what you do with it.

    Good luck to all.
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    never make massive amounts of accounts on myspace with the same ip. I learned the hard way lol. I want my 4 hrs back!!