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Jan 6, 2015
Hi, I'm Eddie known around as Meddie. I am an SEO enthusiast ever since I was a teenager. Now I am almost 30, and I am still hungry to learn more. I started my journey back in 2012 and joined BHW in 2015. I tried plenty of methods during the golden age of SEO, and I still learn daily.

Now, I own an SEO agency in the United Kingdom, but we run globally. At this point, we are doing more or less 20,000 USD a month, just because we don't want to take more customers, we are actually only a two-man army, which, one is the editor as I am not a native English speaker. We are the very proud winners of 2 awards in less than one year of existence: Best Bespoke SEO Agency – UK 2020, and, SEO Experts of the Year 2020.

I also have some personal projects which are going pretty good, a few with some BHW members which brings us 3000-15,000 USD a month.

A small part of earnings


I don't write this to feed my ego; you will understand a few lines below.

Why this eBook?
I see plenty of you struggling even to make a few hundred dollars a month, and paying resellers to do some work you can do yourself, and cutting your budget by more than three-quarters of the paid price.



Why does this mad guy give us his secrets for peanuts?

If you ask yourself why I share these golden secrets and not keeping them for me, it's because I don't really care about competition. If you buy this ebook, you are not one of my competitors. My competitors are the greedy sharks, and I am going all over them. I will not lose my customers because they do not want to learn or do not have time to manage SEO. Most of them are companies that have other things to focus on, including a few of them from BHW. Even if you learn and apply this ebook, and become my competitor after a while, I will be very proud. Karma will look after all of us.

You don't need to believe me, check the ebook's table of contents, and compare with the market price anywhere. I will give you all my sources where you can buy yourself instead of paying even five times more, and no, you don't need to buy in bulk, most of the sources are even on casual sites or direct Skype contact of that specific editor/agency.

  • I will teach you how to outreach correctly to get an answer from any site you want to get a guest post.
  • I will teach you in simple steps how to learn and build backlinks yourself, not just throwing randomly or buy them just because they have a high RD/DA/PA and other useless metrics.
  • Do you have indexing issues lately? Me too, I struggled until I found two methods of indexing. Keep your money on your pocket, don't pay 3rd party "indexing services", none of them works lately. I will teach you two easy tricks you can do it yourself. I test both of them on their peak (during the US elections), and they work flawlessly.
  • You have a new site and don't know how to build backlinks? I will give you an easy three-month step by step explanation, and for 4th month, your site is ready for fighting in SERPs.
  • I will explain to you in short and to the point way, how to build links for branding purposes, which most the others have no clue, using logic thinking only.
  • I will teach you how to cover/recover your investments if you buy links and remove it.
  • Forget paying hundreds of dollars for a video promo; you can do it for free or for 5-10 USD if you are unskilled like me.
  • I will explain how an article that ranks looks and polish it the same way the big boys do.
  • Are you a WordPress fan? Me also, if you want to hear my thoughts about it, I will show them too.
  • Want to learn in 2 sentences how to rank on Bing? I got you covered!
Last but not least: I will help you save thousands of dollars of investment in links.
  • A. rare Edu technique. Only high-end SEO Agencies know it. This method is not just white hat, but it's also added by one of the professors of that specific College/University and so on. Oh, and it's also almost free! (do not confuse with ePortfolios/forum profiles/comments), this is something unique and 100% legit.
  • For 8 USD you can buy a press release that includes the giants such as: Digital Journal, Ask, Google News and so on, no need to pay 40-80 USD that greedy reseller.
  • For free, you can take yourself pure white hat links from the major authorities, and no, they are not Google Docs/Sites or methods that are spammed to death.
  • For a small amount of money yearly (~25 USD) you can get links from Google, Amazon, and other related aggregators. Again, not spammed methods and 100% white hat.
  • Do you want a Forbes link for 400 USD? I will give you an insider editor contact, and you can have your Forbes India post in just two working days, no need to pay 1500+ a reseller.
  • Do you want Yahoo.com + Yahoo News + Yahoo Money + Yahoo Finance + Yahoo Sports + Yahoo Lifestyle for just 60 USD? I will give you my contact, no need to pay 1000 USD to a reseller.
  • Do you want a post on HackerNoon for just 60 USD? I will give you my contact, an old editor; no need to pay 400 USD a reseller.
  • Also, I will give you some simple yet powerful sites which are not spammed, and you can get links in minutes.

  • My list of generic keywords
  • A list of sites that accept guest posts
  • Another eBook – How to build your SEO agency (from scratch)
  • I will try to update the ebook every month if I find something useful, no need to pay extra.

Is it a step by step eBook?
NO, I never spoon-feed anyone. If you think I give you a magic eBook which will make you rich after two days, this ebook is not for you. I prefer to teach you how to fish, instead of giving you the fish, it's healthier for the long term.

Which format is the ebook?
PDF, ePub, DOC, and WordPress post for easier reading and following the table of contents.

What tools are required?
Ahrefs only, the rest are logic/common sense and/or paid.

Do I need to spend money?
It depends, almost everyone spends money on SEO these days, it does not work without some cashflow.

Payments accepted?
Card via Stripe, PayPal

Contact: [email protected] or fast track: https://digitalgeckos.com/contact-us/
Refund Policy: No refunds after we deliver the ebook due to the nature of the service.

Price: 299 USD
Limited offer only
Once paid, the ebook will be delivered by me or a member of the Digital Geckos team in less than 24h.

The first 15 customers will have a 50 USD discount, ask in this thread for a discount.

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Review - I received a free copy of this book prior to launch.
What I like about Meddie is he is such a down to earth guy, doesn't blow smoke out of his arse and hasn't got an ego the size of a small planet. He starts off with this ( which made me smile );
" Eddie, a simple guy from a tier 2 country,"

The first part is a nice introduction and then proceeds to outline how to set up an agency. He talks about what he did, gives an idea of budgets etc too.

Next part is the section titled; In-House SEO

Now this is the real meat on the bone here. The information shared in here is worth the price of this publication alone. This isn't fluff and filler, but this is what works for him and also where to find these services.

I have never met Eddie in real life, but he is a grafter, a down to earth guy who has done really well for himself. This is written in his own words, no overpriced ghostwriter here.

The value here is immense, but like with anything you need to take action.
Here is my honest review.

First of all, I had the pleasure to met Eddie and work with him and I really have to add that, as MisterF said, Eddie is down to earth guy and one of those people that you just don't see every day and one can just wish there are more people like him around honestly.

This eBook is for everyone!

It doesn't matter if you are a rookie or have some experience, this eBook will open so many different worlds!
It will help you 100% to boost up whatever you doing.

Last but not least: I will help you save thousands of dollars of investment in links.

I mean, I get the point where some people think that we would always say good things about others when we receive free things...
I am an old school guy and trust me, I don't care how big you are, if I see something fishy I will say that.

Eddie is always looking for "new ways" and he is doing that with amazing results as you can see.
And the most awesome part about his success is, he wants to help others and I say this based on my experience with him!
He is sharing his knowledge for a good reason.

If you want to FINALLY learn how to get your site/company/product or literally anything on the internet, how to get it where you want it to be, where you believe it should be, this is the right eBook for you!
I'm saying this without any BS!

For the price that is given, you just simply can't ask for more!
Of course, if you egoist, there will always be a problem for you and your "expectation".

This eBook will open your eyes, your minds, will teach you some new rare methods, and boost up the whole process!

Wish you all the best.

Eddie, a great job buddy, keep it up!
I received a review copy of the ebook from @Meddie and I've just spent the past 2 hours reading through it in full as I always like to do a comprehensive review and also I don't tend to review too much these days but this ebook interested me because I wanted an insight into how Eddie does SEO :cool:

The content in the ebook is almost entirely made up of actionable information - ie there is no fluff included, its not a few snippets of information padded out into something sellable, its legit actionable content from someone whos ranked their own sites, done the SEO freelancing, spent years in the industry and even built an SEO agency. That being said, its also written in a friendly way - @MisterF summed it up perfectly by saying that Eddie "doesn't blow smoke out of his arse" and its true - the tone of the ebook is relatable, I feel like I am getting the genuine advice and guidence based on someones experiences of the SEO industry along with industry insider tips - some of which I have not seen talked about anywhere before now, and a couple of which I am going to try out on my own sites.

The last thing I will say about this ebook, and the reason that I spent 2 hours reading it fully, is that you get an insight into the way in which Meddie works - he is a valuable member of the forum, an SEO professional and someone with lots of practicle experience and the ebook gives you a true insight into what drives him, how he operates and how he thinks about internet marketing and business in general - for me that is the pricelss info and its the stuff that really motivates you (and me) to go back to what you were doing but add a little extra spin on your strategy, push a little bit harder and go out there and get that new client you've been trying to close, or go and finish ranking that site you were struggling to rank.

Verdict: Big thumbs up from me and don't miss out on this one guys - real value from one of the good guys on blackhatworld.com.
Hope i will able buy this ebook soon..after being in this forum for some time now, you get feeling where real gems are
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