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Hi, I have a question. Does Money Robot is good to create T2 and T3 backlinks for T1? I found MB before finding this thread which seems a more advanced "thing", however, I didn't use it for my money site. I just run some tests to see what can do. I created a few thousand backlinks for a site I own but I don't care about it, and I see those links got indexed naturally. Now I am asking this because it may help to get T1 links indexed, or even other T2 created with Rankerx or GSA.
very Interesting and thank you for guide today i finding all links butt you help me. once again thank you for your time.
Yes, You should 1-2 project have a difference Google Id

Tier 1: I using RankerX + Manually Build. For example:

Some RankerX links for Tier 1:

Tier 2: https://getpocket.com/@firesushi4 , ...

Tier 3: I'm not GSA for blast, I will export it and inbox you when I'm going home

Thanks bro, Tier 2 you mean Premium profile backlink?
I using RankerX for 8 websites(for 5 my sale websites + for 3 websites from my customers) and I'm also using 40 dedicated proxies. I creating a campaign/a website each day.

So, you can use 40 proxies for 5 websites with no problems

How many days for each campaign you create bro. Thanks

Currently I have a campaign in RankerX. So now I will export all backlinks then run a campaign on GSA SER bro? Thanks,

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