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    I'm not sure how many people out there know this, but universities nowadays post all of their lectures online for the world to see. Currently I'm learning Java through the Stanford basic programming course.

    So, a step-by-step:

    1) Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store

    2) Go to iTunesU

    3) Search "programming", or if you like search "Stanford" or some specific college you would like to see. (I highly recommend the Stanford course called Programming Methodology if you want to learn Java)

    4) Download free lectures to your hard drive and transfer them to your iPod.

    If you knew about this already, good for you and I really don't care. This is for the people that didn't know about iTunesU.

    Learning how to code for free from professors from the finest universities in the US sure beats paying hundreds for some simplistic coding ebook.

    Give thanks if you found this helpful
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    Thanks so much.

    I also live in california and hate the dodgers