League of legends - Hearthstone - CSGO, if you play 2 of those games, then you can join me


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Jun 10, 2015
been playing League since season 2, Hearthstone since beta, and almost a year for CSGO, i still playing them but not as much as i used to before i enter IM, finding someone who is into IM + videos games is hard, i need someone who has good knowledge about those game or at least 2 of them, and can provide 1 hour daily of his time.

i've been using a free theme, until i managed recently to get a premium one, here comes your part, i found out i'm not a technical guy and i wont make a progress alone, if you are good with setting up wordpress sites then i definitely need you, cause the site will contain some complicated things like membership, i got elite players who will be offering their service so there will be a coaching section, there will be a gallery & forum, since you play or played those games you'll understand more my needs, and i have some connections with north american Challenger teams and already made a deal with one of them.

i have those insane monetizing ideas but the website thing is holding me back and i already have a pretty solid facebook page, i post on it daily & its very active, this is not an instant profit method, but it will pay off after 1-2 months of hard work and thats something i'm ready to provide.

just send me a pm or add me on skype: ezdini.yacine
we can discuss more by then.
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