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Earn more with AlfaMan - MX

Hello, friends! We launch new promo today

If you wish to test enhancement product, that’s a sign to do it!

For everyone who haven’t worked with our offer Alfaman MX we propose guarantee prices for your approved leads.

Rules is simple:
For each 25-49 approves you will receive +25$
For each 50-99 approves you will receive +100$
For each 100-199 approves you will receive +200$
For each 200-300 approves you will receive +300$

Previous levels do not stack

Enhancement - one of the always newbies categories and with this payout you definitely must try it

Alfaman — MX
Payout — $19
Loyalty points — 30

To participate in our contest make registration in our bot

(https://t.me/leadrock_contest_bot) You can join if you haven’t worked with promo offer in last 60 days

⏰Promo will be available until 20th November


All information you can get from your personal manager
Telegram: https://t.me/Nick_LeadRock
Skype: live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca
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Hello everyone. Leadrock is here. We have great opportunity for each affiliate who want achive higher ROI with his traffic. Here we propose to test our TOP offers for last week.


D-norm - MX (low price)
Payout — $17
AR — 40%

Slender Quick - AR
Payout — $13
AR — 20%

Intuslim - MX
Payout — $18
AR — 30%

Alfaman - MX
Payout — $19
AR — 25%


H-tea - TR
Hypertension Tea
Payout — $19
AR — 43%

Testoy Gel - RS
Payout — $24
AR — 78%

Hairstim - RO
Spray for hair growing
Payout— $26
AR — 45%

Slim Q5 - ZA
Payout— $6
AR — 25%

Cardioton - NG
Payout — $9
AR — 13%

More information you can receive by contacting your personal manager or directly to me

Telegram @nickleadrock
Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca

Let’s start our profitable cooperation

Frame 373.png
Frame 374.png
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WOW! TOP creatives pack for enhancement offers!


Enhancement - one of the most long term played category in affiliate marketing. This problem is relevant for men 35+ years old. In Mexico it’s a 55% from all population.

Customer pain points:

Problems in communication with women
Weak libido
Fast ejaculation
Adulteries fear
Reduced sensitivity
Low testosterone level
Fear of loneliness

Check our creatives pack and don’t forget to participate in our promo for Alfaman MX Make your promo materials better and increase your profit
Hello guys. Hope you have great new year weekends. We ready to rock this year and earn money together with everyone who work with traffic


D-norm Mexico
AR: 37%
Payout: 18 USD

Relifix Mexico
AR: 43%
Payout: 14 USD

Relifix Peru
Payout: 15 USD

Liverin Mexico
AR: 35%
Payout: 18 USD

El Toro Guatemala
AR: 50%
Payout: 14 USD

Just write to me in Telegram @nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca and say promocode “GETROI” and I will give you bump +1$
See you

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Our partners at MyBid offer a fiery deal you might be interested in. MyBid is an international ad network that provides quality traffic from all over the world for any vertical. They offer ready-made creatives and recommendations on setting up advertising campaigns, making it an excellent solution for young buyers!

With MyBid, you'll get access to 5 billion impressions daily, with no banned verticals (adult is always welcome), format customization on demand, a proprietary in-house anti-fraud system, detailed targeting, simplified testing, and ready-made creatives.

Most of the sites in MyBid are their own, but publishers can also connect their resources to this advertising network. There's no requirement for the number of visitors per day. All websites are suitable, except for resources with illegal themes.

And the best part is you can try out the platform without any unnecessary costs. After registration, if you deposit from $100 to $3000, you'll get a bonus of 15% using promo code leadrock15 (valid until 31.01.2024).

If you're interested, you can register here. And if you want to learn more, you can also subscribe to MyBid's channel on Telegram.

We achieved it with sweat and blood, another bonus for you guys!

Pay for traffic via USDT and get an increased Cashback up to 25% for Facebook ads campaign in the getUNIQ

For more information, create a ticket with keyword "LeadRock".


1920х1080 промо.png
Hi everyone, we started new promotion. You can join our competition and win new reality prizes. Here promotional offers list and terms of the participation!

What gifts we prepared?
As you may already guessed - these are 3 different virtual reality helmets: Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 3 and Apple Vision ProPromotion terms and conditions:
You need to register in our new bot (this is a very important point, without registration the results are not counted)
Have 200 or more approves to compete in the race for the main prizes.

Write to me in Telegram https://t.me/nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca to get more about promotion
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Take your offers around the world with our new traffic partner Mondiad!

Mondiad is a self-serve, multi-format, multi-vertical ad network with global coverage, serving mainstream and adult traffic via classic push, in-page push, native, and banner ads via CPM, CPC, and smart bidding models. With an inventory of +10B impressions & +30M clicks daily, be ready to scale up your business whether you’re an agency, advertiser, affiliate, or webmaster.

Main perks:
- Fast Approvals & 24/7 Support
- Self-serve platform & In-house technology
- 50$ Minimum deposit
- Multiple payment processors including cryptocurrencies
- Custom bidding by zoneID, subID, country
- Advanced targeting options
- Blacklist/Whitelist targeting
- Smart optimisation rules & Campaign audiences
- Built-in event tracker (track views & clicks)
- Real-Time reporting system
- Ad tracker integrations
... and many more to discover.New Mondiad advertiser accounts can use the promo code “rock10” to get a 10% deposit bonus on their first deposit of a minimum of 100$(up to 100$ bonus). The offer is available from 29.02 to 14.03.


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Do you advertise black or gray products? Then you definitely need this service!

Ads Approved is a service focused on creating high-quality White Pages (Safe Pages) for effective advertising campaigns.

The main features of Ads Approved are
  • Unique manually created White Pages with individual content that contains information that fully complies with the rules of advertising platforms, containing 5-7 pages of the site.
  • An AI cloaca that perfectly filters traffic. With every day of filtering by moderators and bots, the cloaca is improving, taking into account all possible outcomes of events.
  • The content of each page is unique, which allows you to avoid templates and bans of the advertising platforms
  • Works perfectly with all traffic sources such as: Fb, Google, TikTok, Bing and others.
  • The service team uses only trust domains.
  • They make white papers for any request and vertical, taking into account all the wishes of the client, such as: specific topics, structure and keywords to be used

And the most important thing is that no technical knowledge is required for setting up.

Link to project:
Channel - https://t.me/+KuLF-F-xheo5ZTRi
Support - https://t.me/ads_approved_support

Use the promo code LEADADS and get a -10% discount on all service tariffs.

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[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...Fsmart.gif]
Join us and earn more with LeadRock!
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Get new experiences with cool gifts by participating in our VR promotions!

See an overview of our gifts, which you can be guaranteed to receive by uploading offers from the list.

Promotion terms and conditions:
You need to register in our new bot (this is a very important point, without registration the results are not counted)
Have 200 or more approves to compete in the race for the main prizes.

Write to me in Telegram https://t.me/nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca to get more about promotion
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...Fsmart.gif]
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1980х1080 3 (1).png
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Case: $10,499 in 23 days on a nutra offer in Guatemala

Another addition to our lineup of LeadRock success stories with a new tale of a lucrative nutra campaign. One of our webmasters put our Relifix offer to the test in untapped Guatemala and walked away with a net profit of $2,655 after 23 days - we're here to tell you how we did it!

Key data
Affiliate program:
Budget: $7,843
Revenue: $10,499
Profit: $2,655
Offer: Relifix
GEO: Guatemala
Traffic source: Facebook Ads
ROI: 33.86%
Campaign duration: 12/02/2023 - 12/25/2023.

Offer and GEO choice
While using their spy tool, the webmaster noticed that our Relifix offer was being actively promoted in Mexico. They decided to take a look at the approaches used and launch a similar campaign for the same GEO, but failed to secure a decent CR during tests.

The "hemorroids" sub-niche was new to the webmaster, so they turned to their manager for hep. As it so happened, LeadRock just discovered Guatemala, brimming with potential for Relifix - this was the GEO that the webmaster ultimately decided to test out.

Guatemala looked promising and the webmaster was already familiar approaches used to promoting Relifix in Lating America, so they decided to test out the offer.

Technical aspects
ADB - Dolphin {anty};
Cloaking - Keitaro (Filters: non-bot, no proxy, only Guatemala);
Accounts - purchased (bought a farmed-up account for $10 and attached a set of auto-registered ones for $0.8 to it).

Creatives and launch
At first, the webmaster just tested the waters and analyzed promising approaches supplied by spy tools. If the approach hooked the audience in, the webmaster designed promo materials of a similar format and scaled their operation

The following approaches performed best:
Medical - experts in white labcoats performed well in video creatives combines with medical animations, visualizing the offer like this:


Face-value - the key part here is to showcase the offer and talk about its advantages and other goodies like promotions. Use text and medical images to hint at the offer's nature.

Teaser approaches with medical images picked up from spy tools showed decent results as well. Complicated creatives with associations didn't really hook anyone in - the locals evidently aren't ready for such approaches yet.
Traffic was driven through Facebook via attached auto-registered accounts. No particular issues with mods or bans - the source did a good job of attracting a steady flow of ~$5 leads throughout the campaign duration.

The funnel converted for 23 day, netting the webmaster $2,655 in profits with a final ROI of 33.86%. The average approval rate was 33.72%, with 2.84% turning into conversions - great stats for Latin America!
Affiliate program screenshots:



Screenshots of several profiles:




The webmaster was planning to keep the operation going, but the offer was temporarily suspended. The funnel is currently waiting for Relifix to return to Guatemala to again treat the webmaster to stable profits.

If an offer is genuinely popular, but competition in a select GEO is too fierce, go ahead and test out other countries. Pick out relevant approaches and adapt them based on the results. Often, that's all it takes to achieve success in untapped GEOs.

This strategy helped the webmaster find converting bundles multiple times now - we hope it can serve you as well. And if you want to secure similar results, join LeadRock - our relevant offers and quick payouts will make the affiliate process more profitable than ever!
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...eBlush.png]
Write to me in Telegram https://t.me/nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca to get more about promotion
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...Fsmart.gif]
Join us and earn more with LeadRock!
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Introducing the TOP OFFERS of the week from LeadRock

Relifix - GT
Remedy for hemorrhoids
Rate — $20
AR — 60%

MacaProst - MX (Low Price) (contact the manager for access)
Remedy for prostatitis
Rate — $15
AR — 33%

Liverin - MX
Liver remedy
Rate — $18
AR — 30%

Intuslim (Low Price) - MX (contact the manager for access)
Slimming capsules
Rate — $16
AR — 31%

VitaCaps Vision - MX (contact the manager for access)
Vision capsules
Rate — $17
AR — 36%

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...eBlush.png]
Write to me in Telegram https://t.me/nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca to get more about promotion.
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...Fsmart.gif]
Join us and earn more with LeadRock!
Now it's time to sum up our VR campaign!

Friends, for two long months you fought hard for three main prizes:
3rd place: Oculus Quest 2
2nd place: Oculus Quest 3
1st place: Apple Vision Pro

We thank everyone for their active participation and congratulate the winners:

1st place: ID24891
2nd place: ID17797
3rd place: ID23574

Some of the prizes have already met their happy owners in Moscow, and the third will also be sent to its owner in the near future! Cheers

Very soon we will delight you with a new giveaway. Stay tuned ;)

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...eBlush.png]
Write to me in Telegram https://t.me/nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca to get more about promotion.
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...Fsmart.gif]
Join us and earn more with LeadRock!

Frame 1073713805 (2).png
Frame 1073713806 (1).png
Frame 1073713807 (1).png
Can high-quality traffic be cheap? :alien:

It is possible with the OctoClick advertising network

Advertising network with high-quality traffic from direct publishers.
Formats: native, popunder, in-page push.
Extremely detailed advertising targeting settings, flexible rates when purchasing traffic and more:

More than 100 000 000 impressions per day;
Minimum deposit: $20;
24-hour caring support and prompt moderation;
More than 7 years of experience and expertise.

Bonus for our channel members: the promocode LEADROCK gives a 5% bonus on your first deposit.

OctoClick is your beacon in the ocean of ad

Join us and make a profit!

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...eBlush.png]
Write to me in Telegram https://t.me/nickleadrock or in Skype live:.cid.753f1ce29bce10ca to get more about promotion.
[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.cracked.io%2Fima...Fsmart.gif]
Join us and earn more with LeadRock!

Frame 1073713813 (1).png
I enjoy with this this direct adwertiser and biweekly payouts and all those Exclusive Cash-on-Delivery offers without any problems

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