Laying images over original CPA, now need to hide referrer

Nov 12, 2009
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Hey guys, so I am doing a little job posting offer on some classified websites and having the "applicants" email me at a random email account. When they email me I would then like to refer them to one of my valid websites with a CPA form for a seminar signup which I have laid divs over to make it look like a meetup. Only thing is that I dont want my CPA network to know that I am doing this. I will be running this from one of my websites at something like but i would like it to LOOK like it is coming from Can anyone help me out? Anything will be greatly appreciated.
Do a search for something like "hiding the referrer". You obviously didn't look very hard. That discussion is all over the place. :)
I actually did look, I just cant figure out how the hell to do it. Any assistance would be appreciated. has a spoof referer service.I have never used it tho
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