Launching tshirt online store. Any advice to attract new designer?

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    Jun 29, 2012
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    Im going to launch my tshirt online store soon. Going to build something like threadless, designbyhumans, teefury etc but narrow down to a specific design category. Already done my research, found my printing partner, calculate my budget, etc. Going to handle web setup and marketing by myself. But now im stuck with the idea to attract designer to create design for my tshirt.

    I dont have big budget to buy design when they are charging 70$-200$ per design from website like Its a fair price though looking at the design quality and copyright to distribute. I can offer up to 5$ royalty per tshirt sale. Fair enough if comparing with others website in my niche but i dont think its alone enough to attract designer, considering my website is new and have a few followers.

    Any advice/ideas?