Launching Friendsite: Need Help

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Mckinise, Mar 23, 2009.

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    I tried to walk the path of the light, but now I am thinking of the path to the darkside.

    I am launching a friend site around a small niche I like, but I am having a hard time getting people to sign up. So far I have 17 members with ok traffic in and out. The problem is that no one wants to sign up to a social networking site with so few people.

    Any ideas about how I can:

    #1 - Get more active members
    #2 - Make the site more enticing to potential members
    #3 - Market this thing in a way that is more conducive to sign ups

    The site is a comic/mango/cartoon/anime social network running on a basic dating script. Been up for about a week.

    I have placed the link to the site in most of my signatures on forums about my niche, and I have been getting about 40-50 unique visits per day for the past 3 days, but no one seems to be interested in signing up.

    I am thinking because there are only 17 members. I really didn't want to go the way of the fake profile, but I am starting to reconsider.

    BTW, 9 of my signups are female.