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launched my retail, discount ecommerce site about three months ago. Please critique

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Verstrat17, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Verstrat17

    Verstrat17 Newbie

    Jun 13, 2012
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    Black hatters, !
    I am looking for advice on my First Prestashop Ecommerce store that I launched about three months ago.

    I am having trouble getting traffic to my site. I have only had 210 unique visitors and 353 total visits in rough estimate of three to four months with three sales.

    Any feedback and critiques on the layout, SEO friendly, looks, navigation, loading time, sales function/shopping cart, shipping, getting leads/sales etc...would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

    ​perfume you is the site, sorry cant post links yet

    You'r time and effort is appreciated :)