[LAUNCH]LazyThinFormula is LIVE! Everyone Wants To Lose Weight Fast! START NOW! 75% Comm

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    ***Before starting please note that you DON'T HAVE to be inside the Weight Loss & Health Niche already. Anyone can adapt this to their current method (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Communities, Tumblr, Email Lists and so on)

    Hey guys,

    As always, Blackhatworld is the first place to spread the word about my new Clickbank product and I would like to introduce - LazyThinFormula

    The product is designed mostly for women who want to lose weight fast. Almost every girl wants to lose weight nowdays, but we also know that they are TOO LAZY to do hard exercises or diets that will consume their time. The solution for this is Lazy Thin Formula wich approaches a NEW way of losing weight - THE LAZY WAY. This is the "trick" that will make your conversions BLOW UP!

    For every sale you generate as an affiliate you get around $24, because you get 75% Commisson (we can go higher if you have a larger amount of traffic) of the total price of $37 ($3 or so keeps Clickbank by default). I had a small list of partly niche targetted emails (around 1k) and the EPC is bouncing around $0.60 to $0.90 wich is pretty good.

    Here is what you need to know:
    (Upsells are coming in at most one week!)

    Landing Page - LazyThinFormula
    Affiliate Page - LazyThinFormula Joint Venture Page
    Your Affiliate link
    - http://xxxx.lazynthin.hop.clickbank.net
    Affiliate Tools -
    Banners, Articles, PPC Campaign Ideas, Keywords, Video Testimonials, Email Sales Letter, eBook Covers
    Commission - 75% - Around $24 for EACH SALE.

    PS: We are still testing the waters with different split tests with/without graphics, more/less content, more/less images, more/less testimonials and so on. So if you see the site changing don't worry, it's us testing what works the best (CrazyEgg is amazing!). Your traffic will help us for sure to decide what's the best configuration for best conversions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated . If you want to wait until the landing page is 100% optimized, you can subscribe on the JV Page and in few days I will send you an email with the details.

    PPS: We are finishing some other affiliate materials in 2, 3 days, wich means new articles, banners, etc. BUT(!!!) if you need something in particular send me a PM and in at most 24 hours I will get that for you.


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    I was also wondering the same^
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    Wow. Only got thru the first paragraph. You need to employ a native english speaker to fix up your landing page at least!