Latin Americans Spend 56% More Time on Facebook than Any Other Region

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    ComScore looked at geographic saturation by region, as well as the individual countries that dominate within each region. According to this metric, Argentina is the world?s most ?social addicted? country with a whopping 9.8 hours being spend on social networking sites per month. Brazil was in close second with an average of 9.7 hours spent social networking each month.
    The worldwide average for hours spent social networking is around 5.2 hours and this figure was bettered by no fewer than 5 Latin American countries on ComScore?s top 10 list. Peru sits in 8th position with 7.9 hours followed by Chile which sees an average 7.7 hours spent social networking. Rounding out the top 10 is Mexico with a total of 7.5 hours spent on social networking sites.
    It turns out from the study that Facebook continues to lead all other social networking platforms for most visits. In November alone the social networking giant recorded 115,566,000 unique visitors from Latin American users?an increase of 7% on figures recorded for 2011.
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    That's all nice information, sadly that doesn't translate into money spent and you can see that quite easily when you use Facebook to target ads to those countries.

    When countries are profitable they become more competitive and the prices skyrocket like they are for Australia, US and some other European countries, but Latin America have very very low costs, mostly because they spend time on Facebook but not money.