Latest Google Changes In Anchor Text Handling

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by subster, Apr 10, 2012.

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    I just got a newsletter which was about latest Google algo changes:

    Nothing new at all if you ask me, but I assume the old one n only anchor text backlink strategy will be outdated more and more. Sure we read all the time about varying the anchor text, but where will this roadmap lead. I really think Googles goal will be to have its search results totally independet from the anchor text. Many kind of links will be useless for ranking keywords (like social bookmarks, blog comments, ect...). I think the most smart way Google can solve this is, that it counts a backlink as a vote if the text around it is relevant. So the link wont be good only for one particular keyword, instead it will improve the rankings for a complete set. For example if a blogger posts a real review over a product that you sell and link to your site as reference it will influence your rankings for several keyword variations. This way you can't improve the rankings for one keyword phrase anymore, but you can improve more general for the topic at all (in this case, the product). This would be a pitfall for seo, too as the results due to their work cant be proven this exact way how it is possible at this time.

    What your thoughts on this issue of Googles update?
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    Basically all updates that google reports as major are extremely extremely minor. What does seem to be the case is new sites bouncing, disappearing and pretty much anything that would make the owner think the site is being penalized. Guess they want to make SEO seem hard and chaotic.
    My theory - continue doing all the same things you've been doing, just add a lot more patience to the mix and ignore crazy g dances. I also think to learn more about keyword click here would be a good way to make like 30% of the intext links.
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    If they make walmart any stronger, I'll find some Google employee and beat him up.
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    My partner and I go over the impact of the changes in this thread.

    In short, you REALLY need to diversify your anchor text. Google is getting better at grouping anchor text together, so you don't have to worry about the negative impact of using secondary anchor text.

    My partner also has some interesting insight into how this affects LSI (synonyms) in your anchor text. It's no coincidence that Google also made FOUR changes to it's synonym algorithm in this update. Basically, you should start using LSI in your anchor text, not just your content. Google is going to reward you for that.
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