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    Dear xxx,

    As we announced on our blog post on Apr 22nd, we will be rolling out the newest feature and tool release with several upgrades for eBay Partner Network on May 1st. This upgrade includes:

    New functionality for the Link Generator tool
    The ability to link your eBay account with your eBay Partner Network account
    A new way to calculate earnings per click (they are now calculated as earnings per one click vs. per 100 clicks)
    New business model descriptions (to help us provide you with better customer service tailored to your model when possible)
    Please read more about each of these enhancements in this post.

    Please note a few more things about this release:
    Conversion data may update a bit later than usual in the day during the rollout and a few days after (from May 1st to May 5th)
    The category report will be unavailable during the afternoon of May 1st as we roll out the upgrades (from approximately 1pm to 6pm PST)
    We will be updating some our click filtering system to include a few additional known bots. This will not affect most publishers, although a few may see a drop in their click numbers
    Finally, please note that as of July 1st, we will be winding down our partnership with publishers who directly promote eBay through three types of business models: tier-2 paid search, ad networks, and sub-affiliates. Please read the details about our decision and exactly who it will impact here.

    If you have any questions on this, please contact customer service through this link: [email protected].

    The eBay Partner Network Team