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    How can a phrase like "fruit basket" have 10,000 LMS but the words "buy fruit basket" only have 16LMS -- I mean only a few of those people typing the word "buy" infront of it?? Why such a large discrepency. The only reason you would ever type 'fruit basket' is to buy one.
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    Great question!

    Sometimes it is difficult to get inside the mind of a searcher. Keep in mind people go to search engines for all sorts of reasons and if they are looking to buy something, they may be in vastly different stages of the buying process.

    There could be many reasons that "buy fruit basket" has a much lower search volume than the more general fruit basket. People may be looking for information on how to make their own fruit basket, they may be looking for images of fruit baskets, they may be wondering what a fruit basket is. In these cases it would make much more sense to just type fruit basket to get broader results.

    You can also try modifying how you search for words if you are using Google's keyword tool. Try performing the same search for both queries using the exact match operators [] and see if you get the same results. It could be that few people are going to a search engine to buy fruit baskets or learn where to buy them and instead looking for more general information about them.

    Check out these resources for more information

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