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    I have run into many services, clients and marketers that tend to come off as a bit rude from time to time. I understand that English may not be your first language, however if you are trying to improve your business, these tips may help you out. I am in no way trying to dis or even try to change the way you speak. I am making this to just help you and your business succeed with more professional individuals.

    These are just a few common mistakes I have noticed just today.

    1. When I say something and you agree. Do not reply with "Ok Fine." It seems pushy and upset. I see this all the time.
    2. Instead of always opening with "hi", at least try capitalizing the Hi, or even going the extra mile and saying "Hello, how are you doing today?"
    3. Stop using periods! "ok...." does not translate to "Alright sounds good!". It translates to "Whatever, I guess".
    4. Spell the persons name right that you are talking to. I have people sounding out my name and typing it. It is right in front of you, just type it out the way you see it.
    5. If somebody is not interested in your service at the time, don't say "K Bye". What you should do is let them know that your services are always available to them.
    6. Saying"Kindly" all the time is not going to make me do something kindly. Use "Please" or something else that would fit in with what you are saying. Being polite while asking someone to do something is professional.

    I am not claiming to be a grammar expert in any way. I am here to just give a few tips to those who are similar to individuals who often speak to me on skype with somewhat rude tones. I understand we speak a different language, and I really do respect your knowledge of multiple languages. I am just trying to help out those who are looking for ways they can improve the outlook on their business and professionalism.

    If anyone would like to share their input, I am sure others will take your advice.