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    Hi everyone, I have a small idea I would like to test out. If I can get it to work I may only make a few bucks daily, but then of course I need to scale it out to make more money.

    My plan revolves around affiliate marketing to a large extent. This is an arena I am not so shabby with, as must of my money making methods have been CPA or Autoblogs.

    I have a few questions I was hoping some would answer. I would like to promote products through my website, but primarily through Adwords not natural traffic. To do this I would like to have landing pages for each of the products I will be promoting, then send the customer to the affiliate page.

    First question for you, will the affiliates be ok with me promoting thier product with my own landing page which I promote with Adwords? OR will I need to cloak and fake the referral?

    Now assuming the affiliates are ok with this, do I need to create my own landing page or could I just copy a landing page the affiliate already has? For example, say I like the sales pitch page of a product I am going to promote. Couldn't I just copy this landing page to my site and avoid having to create one from scratch? What might this do in terms of SEO, would google avoid this duplicate landing page?

    Any help would be appreciated, I will let you all know exactly what I am doing once I get it going.