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Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by jeanna, May 28, 2008.

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    May 27, 2008
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    Does anyone know of any good templates using HTML, CSS, AJAX, etc. that could be used as a starting point for a minimal site with a landing page?

    I'm looking for something to start with and as I learn slowly change and add to it, using my own graphics, etc.

    I haven't seen anything interesting. I guess I could just take whatever I find and modify it, but I thought I'd ask here first for any tips. :)
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    Dec 4, 2007
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    Hi jeanna,

    You could give XsitePro a try. It's template base and fairly easy to contruct a page/site with. It's not actually code for a template, but rather a program that uses templates to contruct your pages. Will even ftp them if you like.

    It's shared in this forum. Try a search of the forum.

    Also, if you are just looking for a good place to start for a single landing page, you could try searching within your niche for other webmaster's landing pages. View Source in your browser and copy the html code. Then modify it for yourself. Of course, change the text and graphics.

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