Landing Page Question CPA


Mar 22, 2017
So i'm about to start a campaign and promote ppd or email submits, i have a lot of landing pages,
the landing pages are all about free gift cards, my question is do i have to give a gift card away to each person that does a ppd/email submit? or how do i get around this? i know many people use fake stuff, but just wondering if there is a genuine way, should i request a landing page from my cpa company instead? i'll be locking the final step with a content locker before users get their "free gift card".

thanks for any responses in advance.
If you would give a gift card to every single person that completed the offer you would lose a lot of money
i know that, that is why i'm asking how do people get around this? incentivize means you are giving something of value away for someone to complete what you want.
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