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    Like many people here, I reserve posting because I read and learn and learn... in the hope that I can make a bit of success out of my own adsense and blogging. Then one day, a big client landed in my lap, and I was put to the test, in order to secure it.
    It's my first official job in SEO guys! until now I've been promoting myself, searching and searching for that extra bit of traffic to make me my own money from home on affiliate stuff and I will admit, it's been the hardest thing to do. I feel useless at everything else, not being able to keep jobs, my own website and faith in my learning is the only thing that is consistent -and what eventually sold me to my client.
    I just wanted to say STICK WITH IT! if you love analyzing the shit out of stuff and self disciplining from home, SEO is just the job for you. My client has more faith in me than me. I shouldn;t say that, because inside, I am confident I know what I have to do, but it's a long road with risky shortcuts I cannot take for my client.
    I am still learning, but the breadth of work I have to do for my client is HUGE and I learned it all here, refining techniques quietly for the last year on my sites. THANK YOU BHW for being the best resource out there, now I hope to contribute when I see how this relationship goes with this client. :)