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    Aug 11, 2011
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    Ok so I have been working on fiverr doing logo gigs. My first sale actually became a frequent buyer so we traded skype info and she asked if I could help her develop some of her sites. I thought she just wanted logos and banners but she needs a site analysis seo and graphic modification on her sites. Im kinda in over my head because I only worked with WP b4 and im still struggling with it. I could go the fiverr route and outsource but im limited on funds. Im wating on fiverr and cpa money to help me out (2 week wait) but I just told her I have big clients who are keeping me very busy. Shes very patient and understanding but I know I cant string her along much longer. Can any of you guys give me hand with this? Im a reasonable person and dont mind paying for the help but you must understand payment wont come until she pays me.

    This is the first forum that truly compelled me to sign up and make posts instead of leeching. I actually care about my reputation here so there is no need to worry about scamming and I expect the same type of person to give me a hand. I didnt post in the JV section because everything seems to go to shit there.

    Pm or post in this thread if your interested in helping.