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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Entrepreneur, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Perhaps this isn't the most significant of posts, but it's something i chanced upon the other day, so thought i'd mention it.

    I suppose it could be a decent tip, but i haven't tested it enough to state anything conclusively, however, i now consider this fact! :D

    If you can't be bothered to read all my nonsensical bollocks (i can go on and on and on...) then skip to the last paragraph.

    Right, i have some sites which are in fairly competitive niches, and do all my own SEO, site building etc.

    Anyway, some background, i don't use Yahoo, and never have used Yahoo to do my searches. As a search engine (for my needs), i've found more useful motorcycle ashtrays.

    So, a few years ago, some cock allowed a really good domain to drop, it had all my major KWs in it and i moved my old site to this new domain. Obviously it took a while to get it on a par with the old domain, due to age, backlinks etc, but i built the new site with a great seo score in mind and coded a clean as fuck css site (which may or may not be relevent).

    God i go on! :)

    Right, long and short of it is, on a few of my most competitive terms i'm hitting page 2 on Google now, traffic is up 100% on the old site and everything's cool. I have done very little backlink building, only really have links on major directories, DMOZ, BOTW, etc.

    However, a few days ago i noticed my site was number 1 on Yahoo, for nearly all my terms, if i wasn't number 1, i was top 3. The point is, I completely dominate my niche on Yahoo and the only valid explanation is the domain.

    So if you want Yahoo traffic, only about 5%-10% of my traffic, then load that domain up with your main terms, because Yahoo clearly gives massive strength to rich domains. :D

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Great. That is a great tip to share. Easy to forget about yahoo sometimes. Also, being #1 on yahoo is better than being on the 2nd page of google anyday.