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kunal aggarwal (delhinightfever of BHW) SCAMER

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by fauxhawk, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. fauxhawk

    fauxhawk BANNED BANNED

    Feb 25, 2010
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    may i suggest to the Admin to ban this person on BHW coz his a scammer

    he hired me as hes FB profile maker and we agreed to give my upfront for $50 to start ...till i made 20 profiles on FB but 2 days already he never send me my upfront and he told me the last time he dont have paypal account and i suggest to send westernunion he told me he dont know how to send,
    gosh this is it indian man again im always scamed by theme (not all but mostly and many times)

    [11/2/2011 3:47:31 PM] kunal aggarwal: HWS D WORKING GOING ON
    [11/2/2011 4:23:08 PM] hughrylle: huh
    [11/2/2011 4:24:14 PM] hughrylle: i thought u will pay me the half today
    [11/2/2011 4:34:50 PM] kunal aggarwal: I WIL DO THT BY TODAY EVENING
    [11/2/2011 4:35:00 PM] kunal aggarwal: M FRIEND WHO IS USING PAYPAL
    [11/2/2011 4:35:04 PM] kunal aggarwal: HE IS NT IN TOWN
    [11/2/2011 4:35:09 PM] kunal aggarwal: I WIL DO THT
    [11/2/2011 4:35:17 PM] kunal aggarwal: DONT WRRY ABOUT THE MONEY
    [11/2/2011 4:35:24 PM] hughrylle: ok thanks
    [11/2/2011 4:36:49 PM] hughrylle: from now we do 15 accounts already
    [11/2/2011 4:37:11 PM] kunal aggarwal: okies
    [11/2/2011 4:37:17 PM] hughrylle: i will continue if you will send the upfont thanks
    [11/2/2011 4:37:24 PM] kunal aggarwal: no prb
    [11/2/2011 4:37:37 PM] kunal aggarwal: but did u started adding friend in it
    [11/2/2011 4:38:16 PM] hughrylle: i will later after you send the upfront
    [11/2/2011 4:38:18 PM] hughrylle: thanks
  2. PinkBitz

    PinkBitz Regular Member

    Apr 29, 2011
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    You need to learn the definition of "Up-Front". Highlighted the one that applies to you, hope that helps ;)

    up-front or upĀ·front (pfrnt) Informal
    1. Straightforward; frank.
    2. Paid or due in advance.


    Let me clarify why the sarcasm. Constantly people post to the shitlist for stupid reasons. You clearly agreed to be paid upfront and even though he came up with some lame excuse you decided to go ahead and start the work anyway. Instead of whinging about it take it as a lesson and move on. You are not out of pocket but instead you used up a bit of your time, time that is not wasted if you take a lesson away from it. Make wiser choices in the future ;)
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2011
  3. neo3187

    neo3187 Senior Member

    Sep 19, 2010
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    It's your fault, why?

    1. You started the work without receiving even a $ when you guys had agreed upon an upfront payment.

    2. You started the work without telling him or confirming the mode of payment, ie, Paypal or WU.
  4. fauxhawk

    fauxhawk BANNED BANNED

    Feb 25, 2010
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    Coz i trusted them and im very kind person now i learned .........