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    Just so you all know I have just joined in the last launch and this thing is growing like crazy, and there are great things coming in the future! I know everyone is gonna pass it off and say its a scam without even reviewing the network, we have a great group of people working together not competing! its the end of the first month and already 1482 members, and its about to explode.

    Take as you want, but so far everything's a success.

    here is our latest update, please read and review knowledgeexploit(dot)com epically the forum to meet all the great people involved:

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen [​IMG]
    Well I'm sure you all know the launch on Saturday was somewhat of a mess but not too bad. Some of you may think the matrix is now 'lob-sided' but it's actually even for the most part. What the problem was that a lot of people clicked the link and they were being asked for a 'Referral Code' which led to go back and click the link multiple times. The error was fixed within minutes by switching to the classic 'Copy and Paste' method which for the most part saved us from having a lob-sided matrix. This method will no longer be used so no worries about that happening again. The server also crashed this past Saturday due to over a thousand people being on line at the same time continually refreshing the page and eating up our bandwidth like a banana. After this incident, the necessary precautions have been made. I've contacted GoDaddy and we may be making a switch to a dedicated server soon but for now we will be doing further launches in the waiting room which is very very plain to keep the server happy and most importantly RUNNING.

    So now that we have the problems worked out, here's the Good Stuff I've cooked up for everyone over the past two days.

    The Good Stuff
    Over the upcoming days/weeks you will be seeing a lot of changes, upgrades, and improvements.

    Number One.
    Knowledge Exploit Members will now have they're own back-office. We will be using Jrox which is the same program that Revolutionary Matrix, 3900 Income, and 10K Matrix use to run they're sites so the back office is very similar and easy to use. Jrox will be used mainly to run our Bonus Referral Program. More information on this in a topic I'll be posting after this. For every 6 active members you refer to the community, 1 free account.

    Number Two.
    The Community Based Advertising Fund will be making it's way to our Community on April 1st. Knowledge Exploit will be opening an Alertpay Account specially for this fund and don't worry, screen shots will be made available to see how much funds are in the account and what they are being used for. Basically we will be using this fund to pay for Pay-Per Click Advertising which will definitely bring us great results since Knowledge Exploit brings a whole new concept to the online world of business and we don't throw a price tag in everyone's face. Everyone will be able to donate to this fund and I highly recommend that you donate at least $1 each month. It's not much but if everyone contributes, it goes a very long way. This isn't mandatory so don't worry. (Yes, Pennies found under your couch are accepted.)

    As an addition to everyone's kind contributions, I will be funding this 'Fund' with 30% of the Knowledge Exploit Revenue each month.

    Number Three.
    Aside from Pay-Per Click Campaigns we will be going into Radio Advertising in April(latest being May).
    This was suggested to me by Justin Davis and have to say were going for it. Thank you Justin [​IMG]
    On top of that, Billboard Advertising is also being looked into and we're currently waiting on a quote from a Billboard Graphic Designer.

    Number Four.
    We will be working with the new Bear Marketing System on April 1st. I will be making an additional post on this subject right after this as well.

    Number Five.
    We will be bringing in additional staff members such as 2 new Technical Admins, Support Admins, and Forum Moderators. Multiple emails will be set up for a much quicker response to everyone's questions and concerns. One email will be to personally contact me(Daniel), one for General Support, and one for Technical Support.

    Number Six.
    After a long night of work, the downline image is now complete and available for everyone here:
    May not seem like it took much time. Exactly what I thought at first but was very wrong.

    Number Seven.
    The forums tend to get a bit messy so clean ups will now be done everyday at 10pm Pacific and additions will be added to the FAQ. I noticed a lot of people have questions that have already been answered in the FAQ so to ensure that every new member knows exactly what to do, we are making a 'Knowledge Exploit Starter Guide' which will be available after members verify they're email, it will be posted on the forum, and will be available for download as a .pdf file.

    Number Eight.
    The Pay It Forward Fund will be coming on May 1st. This will be used to purchase the first account of qualified newcomers and first-timers into the next upcoming launch. Twenty Percent of the Knowledge Exploit Revenue will be deposited into this fund and will also be run by community donations. Further information will be made available soon.

    Number Nine.
    Our first Community Project will be tomorrow March 17. If you remember or have seen the post on the 'Adwords Incident' this past week, you know we get serious when it comes to our community. This probably broke the worldwide record for clicks on 1 ad in the time span of 24 hours. I was left amazed by this so I decided to start community projects, not to cost a wrongdoer a lot of money but to create 'Mass Recruitment' in a small period of time. Everyone knows that if your out there alone in the middle of an audience your not going to receive much attention but if you have a team of over a thousand, you will receive immediate attention! This is what we will be doing. Spreading the word of our community to a mass audience all at once at a certain 'Launch Date and Time'. Sound familiar? A post will be made in the 'Knowledge Exploit Community Projects' later today so check up on that.

    Number Ten.
    Knowledge Exploit will be a registered trademark very soon and our 'Launch System of Operation' is currently in the process of patent.
    The following will also be trademarked soon as our official motto's:
    "The Original Community Based Sponsor" & "Build Your Downline With our Community"

    Number Eleven.
    The Knowledge Exploit Social Network will be introduced soon. It was initially going to be introduced on March 1st but I thought it was very unprofessional and sketchy so it is being re-done. Current members will be able to sign up at no charge but will mainly be referred to as a Marketing Social Network promoting the Knowledge Exploit Community. We will offer Marketing tutorials, courses, and the like from some of the world's best marketers and MLM site owners. Many sites are planned to be started from Web Hosting/Design all the way to Low-Cost Below Wholesale Product Distribution Super sites that will all be feeding into the Knowledge Exploit Community.
    Well there you have it. Just keep in mind that this is only about 10% of what is to come.

    Other than that guys, Keep promoting and stay positive.
    Whatever it is you want to achieve, you will achieve it and I'll be there to ride along with everyone the whole way.