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Know How to Send Bulk Emails? Here's A Great Way to Rake in Major Moola...

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by TimeToGo, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. TimeToGo

    TimeToGo Regular Member

    Jun 15, 2013
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    I need to send two plain text campaigns to a 30k niche list. Because the
    list is opted in, the bounce rate is very low (5.5% based on 6000 emails
    sent). I have already finished everything (doing market research, finding
    the right offers, crafting the message,...) Everything is in place. The
    only thing left to send the emails out. However, I don't have the
    resource to send them out.

    "Why can't you just space out the emails and use a service like sendgrid
    to send them out over a period of one month for example?"

    Well, you can do that if you are promoting a generic product in an ever-
    green niche. However, my list is a niche list. And a niche with a very
    short life span to be precise. The buying urge peaks after opt in (where
    you will make the most money) and then dramatically decline afterward.
    This means that if I wait too long before sending the the emails out, the
    list is as good as dead. But no mailing service will allow me to flood
    their system with 30k emails in one day with a newly registered account.
    I will get banned instantly and my sending IP will be blacklisted!

    That's why I need help from a professional mailer to inbox this list and
    that's why I'm offering the most outrageous deal you are gonna get:

    If you can help me inbox this list within the targeted time frame, I'll
    give you 50% of the Revenue generated by the campaign. No, that's not 50%
    of the profit when all expense are subtracted. That's 50% of the Gross
    Sale. I'll bear all the cost of lead generation, market research,
    copywriting,... everything. All you have to pay for is the cost to send
    the emails out such as server cost and domain (if you use them). The
    amount of money you make depends on your ability to inbox the emails. The
    sky is the limit.

    "That's great, but how do I know that I can trust you?"

    I understand where you are coming from. I do. I got scammed by a bulk-
    mailer just 2 days ago. He keep promising this, that and how he will
    inbox my emails @ 100% inbox rate. He never delivered though and ended up
    stealing part of my list and reselling it. There are lots of really
    short-sighted people in this market who's only out to scam for a quick

    Well, I'm not one of those people. I'm here to look for a business
    partner whom I can trust and make money with long term. There will be
    plenty of project in the future when I need to send out lots of emails in
    a short time frame.

    That's why I will go the extra mile to make sure that you feel 100% safe
    when dealing with me. And that's why instead of sending with my link, we
    will send the emails with Your Affiliate link. You'll get full 24/7 admin
    access to the tracking system. You can view, edit or even delete the
    affiliate link (I suggest not to). And you'll receive one-on-one support
    from me via skype during the whole period of mailing. If you have any
    question or if you notice any discrepancy in the system, just send me a
    message and get a guarantee response within 3 hours (please be aware of
    the local timezone).

    "Is there a catch? There's got to be a catch."

    You are right. There is a catch. There are actually 3 catches
    - You agree not to sell, rent or trade my list and only send the emails I
    authorize you to send to the list.
    - You must be available to chat on skype for at least 30 minutes per day
    during the period of mailing.
    - This offer is only available for 24 hours.

    The first two catches are self-explainatory. Any up-right marketer will
    gladly accept these requirements. Only the low-life scumbags steal and
    only them will refuse to talk when they are needed the most.

    Regarding the third catch. As I said earlier, this is a time sensitive
    project and I can't afford to wait before sending these emails out. I
    want them out and I want them out fast. So this is gonna be on a
    first-come-first-serve basis. I need 3 mailers for this project. Each
    will be sending to 10k names. One spot is already taken so that leave us
    with just 2 spots left

    For more information about the niche and the project, please send an
    email to [email protected]
    or add me on skype:

    Make sure to state that you are a bulk mailer and which forum you are
    from in the first email (or the contact request if you are using skype)

    P.S. This offer was posted at 5:30 AM August 6th (GMT + 0:00)
    That means it will expire on 5:30 AM August 7th (GMT + 0:00)
    If you are unsure, you can consult:
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    Mar 26, 2013
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