Know any good books on IM?


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May 26, 2009
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I'm taking a trip to Barnes and Noble this afternoon to pick up a couple books on IM. I really don't know much about the subject so I'm looking to pick up something that's noob friendly.

Can anyone recommend any books/authors?
Try xfactor's micro niche ebook. it seems everyone on BHW are following his system...
Try xfactor's micro niche ebook. it seems everyone on BHW are following his system...

I'll have to check that out. But I'm looking for something more along the lines of IM for dummies. I really just want to learn the fundamentals and basic strategy.
Xfactor is a pretty good ebook you can start off with and it is fairly simple. Every time I go to the bookstore it seems most things are outdated. I did like this one book called Wikinomics that was pretty interesting.
There is no ONE single book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon that would fill the bill on all aspects of internet marketing. You can find a wealth of books for free in BHW's Members Download section and great internet marketing methods in the Making Money section of BHW.

Just browse around and find threads that seem to be popular.

Cheers! - "Wiz"
Not on IM, but an excellent read anyways.

48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene
There some on here.
I did marketing training and that helped me allot on how to sell and do research.
I think if you're really going for success the foundation of marketing is vital.
Steve Krug-Don't make me think (2nd ed ) common sense approach to web usability This is about designing a website/page for ease of use, you only have 3 seconds of attention span.
Kristina Halvorson-Content Strategy for the Web- This is about content which many say is King. It also says the Krug book above has a chapter on web writing alone worth the price
Mike McGrath-HTML in Easy Steps-just one of many intro books
Martin Harwood-Landing Page Optimization for Dummies
Tim Ash-Landing Page Optimization He talks about those 3 seconds, and also if you never heard of Scientific Advertising and AIDA, he mentions it
Dan Furman-Do the Web Write- write persuasively on the web
J.Jonathan Gabay-Teach Yourself Copywriting- beats paying a copywriter as much as a lawyer-if you can do it

There are a bunch more too that apply. If you go to a used book store they are much cheaper but also at least one edition out of date, so use your judgment about what you need and what you're ready for. There are dummy books about wordpress, dreamweaver, code, and seo, and PPC and SEO, and basically lots of stuff, but you can't learn it all in one week.
The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris is probably the best paper book I've read to do with money. I posted a download to it months ago on here, but you can buy a physical copy also if that's your thing. B&N might have it because I think it used to be a bestseller.

It really can change one's philosophy of business.
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