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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by sergbot, Nov 16, 2012.

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    Well as you all know, mobile views are a huge red flag to machinima and TGN. If they see someone who has botted mobile views, they quickly terminate partnership. Anyway There is someone who has 20k subs who really annoys me. At first what they did was nice and cool. But now they added annoying parts and they are starting to turn into a douche bag like ray willam johnson. Like people go to rwj just to watch funny viral vids. He turns the the channel from the vids to himself. It's all about him now,making songs, cartoons, shirts. Thats very annoying. Anyway that is what this kid is doing. He is straying from the purpose of his channel to make it about him. Also when he sometimes does his vids and he finds suggestions, he makes them sound like orders.

    With all that said. Is there a way to buy mobile views on like 50 of his vids. and will that get him kicked?
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    Nope, not unless they want to report him else other major youtuber's would have gotten banned already. I tried this before with a few of them and none of them got any slap at all. Maybe because he is a smaller channel he can get slapped.