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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Vladamir, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I have been looking at Klout a bit and trying to figure out why I have a 45 score after 2 months and have done next to nothing and my twitter account attached to it is mostly inactive with only 145 followers that I don't know and retweet nothing I say.

    I have determined for me, its because my friends on facebook have grown as influencers with scores over 40 and thus that has in turn boosted my own score, the higher the score of your friends(they need to like one of your wall posts or comment on something I believe) the more your own. Considering I went to school for marketing even though I have 500 friends their klout score is high so in turn mine raised.

    Hence my idea here, PM me you username or email on facebook if you have a klout score over 40, we will add each other limited profile etc and because of this our klout score will rise. This is a theory and not 100% tested but if you want to try, pm me, I will respond to pms with the last usernames/ emails I received. If you dont want your email or username shared just say "don't share in the pm"

    Lets see if we can get some high klout going gentlemen/ladies worst case scenario we do some networking.:)
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