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    Hello, I recently jumped into kindle marketing and have published 3 short books ranging anywhere from 4000 to 5000 words. Things seem quite promising because I have accumulated $130+ passively in a month (which is enough keeping in view the slow pace I work with). This is only from 3 short books. More are yet to be published.

    My problem is that my account that I had been using to do review exchanges with other kindle publisher seems to be blacklisted or something. Because reviews posted by the are not being approved and older reviews that I posted a few days back have also been deleted. Can anybody help me overcome the problem?

    I am using chrome's incognito mode with zenmate plugin (as I m not in a country where Kindle is available) to login to that account for review exchange. Any help will be appreciated.

    More ways of getting reviews are also welcomed because presently I am unable to do any review exchanges due to this problem.