Kindle Publishing can make you rich.

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    I am working on a military-intel -spy novel :) - gonna be a novelette , about 40,000 words and I hope to make the main character so cool, the follow up stories will have people waiting to purchase... (always wanted to do this, and Kindle is cool making it work for pukes like me)
    With that said.......heres a pretty cool way to get started Faster than writing novelettes .

    Always use a PEN NAME based on what your niche your using, use 2 niches, use 2 pen names
    and so on.

    1. If you can't write, theres a site called ArticleBuilder Dot Net - it creates articles in top niches, that are written and spun by their own authors its expensive so up to you (saves time thinking)

    2. Check the final articles against plagerism, with all the content on the net, there will be some , but ensure whole paragraphs are not the same, and rewrite where needed (take about an hour of work to do this)

    3. Get the software "Snag It" - and grab images from free image sources online and create your own Front Cover. Its super easy. You can create the exact pixel size needed and move images and your wording right into the exact size image you need for a book cover.

    Here are some good FREE image sites:

    4. Get the Kindle KDP Select account. When ready , fill in the forms, and put up some keywords dealing with your eBook. Upload your pictures. I would use one overused keyword, and try and find one that is underused.

    5. There is a cool software tool you can use that formats your eBook for Kindle, so its accepted and looks normal.. it is

    So if your gonna do this, do it right. Spend some money, put up some eBooks, charge, 1.99 to 2.99 and make a goal for yourself ..

    xxx amount of uploads of eBooks per say To make xxx amount of sales per day