Kindle and Clickbank eBook Translation Method – 10K P/M Method – Translate German, Spanish

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    I found this info in an ebook. I tried to upload the motherf*cking file about 10 times, and no go, even though its a PDF. Here is the basic contents of the book. It simply involves translating PLR and HOW TO books into German, French, Chinese and all sorts of other languages. I exported the PDF to word and copied it here, there are so minor formatting lapses.



    10KProfits P/M



    Who is this Method for?
    This methodis for anybody wishing to build a great long-term business online. Itcan also be used for Authors / Publishers who already have a book onKindle. For many Niches, the English market is saturated but theGerman, French, Spanish, Italian markets are booming!!


    This can also be utilized for Clickbank. I am currently translating my sales pageson Clickbank. story...

    Germans Love their Book!!

    My History on Kindle and Clickbank

    After making a reasonable amount of money with Kindle and Clickbank (still bankingwith Clickbank) last year, I eventually got 3 of my kindle accounts closed cause much of it was PLR eBooks. I had invested quite an amount of money trying to make them good quality, but Amazon aregetting stricter in their policies as time goes by. I re-wrote many of them, put in new descriptions, glossy ebooks covers and stillmy account was closed. I have made more money with Kindle than anyone I know, and I am not simply going to stop now. In fact, eventhough they closed my accounts, I am now waiting for the post toarrive, so I can collect my final check of about 4k. Thatis the beauty with Kindle, even when they close your account, theystill pay you, Unlike the BIG G (Motherfuckers)

    What I learn't as I was being Kicked Out
    I had noticedin my 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] last payment that German, Spanish and ItalianAmazon were bringing in 15% of my sales with English books, which onone account amounted to nearly 1K (Euro). After checking some statsI found out(sorta obvious) that Germans love to read, as do Italians,French and every other nation out there. The great thing is this. Ifyou have one book, and it sells say in Germany, then you have a goodidea that its going to go well in Spanish and French(MassiveMarkets). Also, if you SEO the title, tags and descriptions properly,you can come up 1[SUP]st[/SUP] or 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] on Google.For the last7 months I have been steadily Translating "How To" and "PLR"books to German and Spanish, and steadily building a new income. Iknow for a fact, these will not be banned as they are original andwill always be. This method takes a small bit of investment, but itsfor the steady income seekers. I am VERY confident I will be hittingthe 10K a month within 12 months, all going to plan. (In fact once Istart my Clickbank campaigns, it's going to be more)
    Use your ownbook, Find a PLR Book or "How To" book etc. Find one that isreally well written. . Try to get it under 30 pages as each page isgoing to cost you around $10-$15. It sounds a lot, but its aninvestment worth making.
    Find arelatively decent translator. (DO NOT USEGOOGLE TRANSLATE). I use REMPublishing. I promised John I would mention him in this book (and hegives me extra special treatment). But truth be known, I was going tomention them anyway as they are the best I have found, for a greatprice.

    ClickHere to go to their Info Page

    I have usedfive different translators, including from Craigslist and Freelancer,but it has always ended up being a huge pain in the ass. The fact is,I know nothing about the languages I am translating to, so I do notneed somebody asking me shit loads of questions. These guys specialize in Ebook translations. For German, Spanish and Frenchthese guys were the best value. For German the prices in somecompanies can be BONKERS FUCKING MENTAL. . A relatively oktranslation will cost you $12-50 a page. A really good one will costyou more.
    Once yourebook is translated, and its put together, you can upload on Kindle,Clickbank or even sell it yourself. Make sure the Description is longand keyword rich, and THE TAGS are possibly the most important aspectof Kindle publishing. Spend lots of time on this as this will be your1 and only way of promoting the book. Have a short name for thebook, but have a long sub-name In the description section thatincludes every keyword you can find. If you do your homework well, and start banging out book on a weekly or monthlybasis, you can sit back and watch the cash come in. Remember, forevery ebook you put on Kindle, put the same one up on Clickbank. Anyquestions....
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    Sounds ineteresting. So you just translate a well written PLR book into german and then sell it on clickbank or kindle ? So translating the book makes kindle not ban you ?
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    My advice to you , don't mess with Kindle.
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    If by "our country" you refer to germany (or any of the german speaking countries) then I think thats easy to explain. We have a very different marketing and advertising culture. What is obviously perfectly normal and "working" in the US, sounds extremely sleazy, to the point of beeing flat out offending, to german speaking customers.

    Just an example: When teleshopping first came to germany, it was a complete disaster. They had just lip-synced old stuff from over the pool. Even the colors and image sharpness were off, because of the NTSC to PAL conversion. It only became successful, after they changed to new developed formats especially for the german market.

    Most german offers available on Clickbank at the moment simply use "US-style" landingpages and sales material (videos etc.), which simply does not work.

    Is it ok to add, that I would be willing to translate from english to german (high quality, I am german and write professionally) for a fixed rate of 15$ per page? English to russian would also be possible, if I convince my wife, who holds a doctors degree in russian language. :)