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    Oct 9, 2015
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    Hello, for awhile now I have been creating a Kik bot within the apk. I've gotten pretty far with lots of useful features. Recently I been around a couple of forums asking for some additional featutes with little to almost no feedback. I know it's missing something to cater to everyone's needs so if you want something added to the app lmk.

    features :

    Mass message bot to new chats
    blocked contacts Mass message bot (working on duplicate messages)
    Grab block list
    Grab roster list
    Fake camera
    Switch themes from this view (has all the buttons on the top bar) or less cluttered view
    Copy current chat log
    Shortcut to grab current username (of person you're chatting with)
    Shortcut to block current user (of person you're chatting with)

    In progress :

    mass block users with given keyword(s)
    external app for auto responses <-- for android device or bluestacks
    external program for auto reponses
    (more features than the external app) <--for bluestacks

    pretty new to this forum as well so idk where the appropriate place to post this. Also what's the tag to hide a section, in other forums it's usually
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    Oct 15, 2015
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    It's nice to have you here Chemical. I am also from HF, looking forward to that bot.