[KidLeb Project#1] Part 1: Introduction + Automating Torrent scraping&downloading

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    Whats up BHW,


    I am new to the game of blackhat marketing, but definitely not new to the coding/scraping game. So, I've read the forums for a bit, and found this straight forward method: ./blackhat-seo/making-money/526684-amazon-youtube-adsense-email-marketing-classifieds-money.html Basically you just re-upload trailers of movies and put a affiliate link in it (will do the marketing part later).

    It's hard to believe for me that this really works, but I guess that's the way it is. Anybody doing this technique or a spinoff and has success?

    So, anyway, I want to take it a step further and get rid of the manual steps with some coding kung-fu, while generating some unique videos on bulk instead of using existing material. The goal is to have a semi-automated system that downloads movies from torrents, cuts them into new alternate random trailers, generate descriptions with affiliate links and uploads them to YT.

    Automating Torrent scraping&downloading

    So, lets get to it. First we need a reliably source of torrents. I've choose KickAssTorrents. Their site is pretty easy to scrape. As for the release group, I choose YIFI, as they have the best, and usually fast, torrents around, with a pretty decent filesize/quality ratio for the 720p versions.

    All coding is done in a asynchronous fashion with Node.js.

    Worker 1 - Scraping Torrent Links from KickAssTorrents

    This worker is the entry point of the whole thing. It scrapes links to single torrents from the YIFY user page on KAT and puts it in a MongoDB. Kids stuff.

    Worker 2 - Scraping Torrent Info from gathered Links

    Now that we got all the torrent links in the DB, we need a couple of infos like the magnet link, release name and movie name (along with some other infos we can grab, IMDB link, summary, etc) from KAT. Still kids stuff.

    Worker 3 - Downloading Movie from Torrent

    Now you would assume this is the hard part. But since it's 2015, and Node.js Modules pretty much has anything to offer, don't look too far to find a module that lets you download torrents: webtorrent (find it at GitHub, feross/webtorrent). So, this worker goes over the DB and find all torrents with scraped infos, and starts to download the movie. Once it is finished, it is marked as downloaded in the DB and the next download begins. Kid Lebowski stuff...


    To leave the nasty formatted console, I've slapped together a frontend. Not much to see now, but a basic statistic and list of all torrents/movies. That's how it looks:


    It's already a fun project, I wanted to do something with webtorrent for quite some time :).

    So, what do you think? How would you approach the marketing, if you would have a YT Channel with hundreds of unique random trailers? You believe stuffing a Amazon affiliate link in there will work? Any other suggestions/feedback/ideas?

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    The trailer market is over-saturated - sure you can try and carve a niche for yourself, but it's very very difficult and doesn't have a good ROI for me.

    But you might be on to something with torrent automation, you can do some PPI stuff with downloading and repackaging it with an affiliate link or something. I've been trying to automate my torrent downloads for some time now (e.g., automatically pull the latest episode of a show I'm watching and download it).
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    I am happy to see the ideas what you have said above. I expect more ideas from you. Thank you so much